How to create great contentAnyone can wake up and start developing content for their blogs that is relevant to their target market.

What differentiates the successful blogs from those looking to grow their business is the quality of content.

The difference between creating great content and just content is that great content is intended to achieve certain and specific aspects. Quality content is targeted to a specific target market and some of the characteristics that make content to be quality include the level of engagement as well as the number of shares that a particular content receives.

Engagement can be through comments or sparks some form of conversation whether in text form of verbally.  A content that is shareable implies that it is informative to the users and therefore has quality. In this post, I am going to show you tips that go into developing a great and quality content that will perform better that your competitor’s.

  1. Conduct keyword research

The first thing to developing quality content is by conducting a keyword search on the topic that you want to write about. Don’t get worried about conducting a keyword search as there are numerous resources that are readily available to assist you to determine a series of keywords with high volume and low competition phrases. A good tool for this process is Google AdWords: Keyword Planner. After you have completed your search you can choose the ones that are less competitive simply because they have a higher chance of ranking your content high on search engines.

  1. Build content on selected keywords

How to create great contentThe next step is to build content on these phrases and keywords. When building or developing content for your blog you must use the keywords and phrases that you had researched frequently throughout your content.

The purpose of using the keyword and phrases frequently is to increase the density which improves the search engine optimization that will help the search engines to understand what exactly you are writing about. By manifesting a specific phrase or keyword improves the quality of content.

  1. Describe your topic in the first paragraph

When developing great and quality content, it always advisable to out rightly explain everything in the first paragraph or at least most of it and this is why numbering or listing your content is one of the most effective ways of making a content appealing to the readers. this is because they can go through the content very quickly without having to read everything and if they concur that that is indeed the information that they were looking for then they will read the whole content and that makes your content to be of high quality.

  1. Have your ideas flowing

Avoid jumping from one point to another and let the user follow what you are trying to put across. In order to achieve this, you need to be able to explain a concept as if you are explaining to someone who has scanty or no information regarding your topic of discussion. A systematic flow of information always begins with the basics as you gradually delve into complex information.

Typical quality content will begin by defining or explaining about the topic. Provide the importance of the topic and lastly how to make the most out of the topic before you conclude. 80 percent of the internet users will stop reading content in the first paragraph it does not make any sense or they simply can’t comprehend what you are writing about.

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  1. Linking

How to create great contentQuality content must have links that point to them to give the content authority. Creating backlinks to the content that you have developed is essential and works miracles to the article. As a blogger after developing a great and quality content, it is now time to create backlinks to your content.

There are several ways to earn this backlinks and you can find out about broken links on other blogs and ask them o link to your content, approach well-established blogs and ask them to link to you and the only way to increase your chances of getting this links is to have a great and quality content. The easiest way though may be costly or not depending on a blogger and budget one could create backlinks manually though it comes with a risk if you do not know exactly how to do this. Alternatively, you can hire a SEO expert that will create backlinks to your content and increase your visibility online.

Your creativity based on these factors will play a huge role in making your content stand out among your competition in the same niche. Stop waking up and feed your blog with content but make an informed decision by taking the game on another level that will not only make your content stand out but improve your search ranking as well as boosting your organic traffic. start making great and quality content today.