What is a Hashtag symbol?
A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic.

hashtag symbolHashtags are normally written in this form #ThingsPeopleDoIntheWashroom or #Election2017 then followed by the message, opinion or view that one intends to put across.
However, the arrangement does not necessarily matter as you would choose to put your message before the Hashtag. Sometimes, the Hashtag can be a word within a sentence that is used creatively to give a certain meaning. The most important thing to note here is that you have to be creative in the way you use the Hashtags symbol for you to leverage the most out of it.
The concept of Hashtags Symbol
Hashtags are widely used in social media sites to address a specific issue that is normally the subject of discussion. Think of Hashtags like forums or classes. For instance, as a student, you have to attend different classes such as Mathematics, English, Biology and History.

In each of the classes you are expected to study what the class is all about.
That is, in a mathematics class, you do the math; in an English class you study English and so on. Therefore, Hashtags work the same way as classes only that you are not restricted to discussing only the topic in a particular Hashtag. We defined a Hashtag as a ticket and as long as you use it you can say almost anything regardless of the topic of discussion.
hashtag symbolSignificance of Hashtags Symbol
Hashtags are quite significant, especially to publishers and marketers. Hashtags do not necessarily have to trend or appear in the trending topics for them to matter.

The algorithm that determines the Hashtags that appear on the trending topics is designed to show Hashtags with the highest number of tweets and engagement. This does not mean if the Hashtag does not make it to the trending topic it failed to influence more people, it did but not as much as the ones that are trending.
To publishers and marketers it’s all about numbers and the higher the number the higher the chances of conversion. This makes a Hashtag  symbol very important tool simply because it possesses the potential to make your content go viral and the reason why influencers are becoming very important figures across all social media platform.
Influencers have the power to make your content trend easily and this means higher chances of your content performing better. You need not worry if you don’t know how to approach influencers. Some will push your content if it proves to be informative and well structured. Others will charge you for the same services and if either of the two options does not work for you then worry not.
You can still leverage the power of trending Hashtags to boost your organic traffic. This is a gray hat tactic to push your content with a limited budget and limited influence. All you need is a high level of creativity. For instance, using our example of Hashtags “#ThingsPeopleDoIntheWashroom” you could be pushing content like soap, shampoo and other things that are relevant in the washroom under this Hashtag.
Alternatively, you could start your own Hashtag about the content that you want to push and promote it to spark engagement across the interested parties.
hashtag symbolWhat is the difference between a normal tweet and a tweet with a Hashtag Symbol?
Look at it from this perspective, whenever to post your content as a normal tweet without a Hashtag symbol only the people who follow you will see your content. Remember, this is not a guarantee since social platforms are like news feed implying content is refreshed as people continue to post.
This means that if you post your content in the morning and someone logs in to their account in the afternoon chances are that your content will not be visible in their timeline. On the other hand, if you post a content under a Hashtag not only will the content be visible to your followers, but also everyone reading the content in that particular Hashtag even when they are not participating in it.
This is simply by clicking any Hashtag and going through everything in that particular Hashtag if you can manage. Basically, under a Hashtag your content has the potential to reach as many people as possible. Additionally, you can check the content that you missed just by searching the Hashtag and the algorithm will pull fresh content based on your search query.
Publishers and marketers leverage the power of Hashtags symbol to increase awareness and promote a particular brand. It is very easy to use Hashtag and anyone can use them can make the most just by learning the basics. Additionally, Hashtag can help you target a specific market or even a country.
Twitter allows you to change the country which allows you to know what is trending in a particular country of choice. Let’s say your online store sells some certain commodity such as a digital download. If there is a Hashtag in a different country that is related to what you are offering then you could post under the Hashtag to increase your chances of conversion.
Always remember that careless use of Hashtags symbol and lack of creativity will not have a positive impact on your content performance. If you are new to social media platforms try to learn the basics first before you make simple mistakes that can harm your reputation. Social entrepreneurship is all about maintaining a reputable personality within a particular target market.