What is blog link building?
Blog link building by commenting refers to posting or publishing comments on other blogs with an expectation of creating a link or pingback to your own site. Almost all blogging platforms allow people to post a comment just below a published article.

This area where a reader writes his/her commblog link buildingent is normally referred to as the comment section. In the comment section, the reader is often offered an opportunity to add value to a post or criticize the post.

Additionally, this section offers readers an opportunity to ask questions for parts that they did not understand the article as well as acting as a forum for the readers to engage each other.

The comment section of any blog that allows you to comment requires you to input your full names, your website and post your comment. Initially, people used to write anything and posting them as their comments. Among the things that people wrote in the comments section include, ‘great post’, ‘thank you for this post probloggerhub’, ‘keep writing nice posts such as this one’ and many others.

Fortunately, it worked because it did the purpose it was meant to accomplish. Later, the above posts as comments stopped working and you had to clearly understand the subject matter and give an informative view, opinion, critic or add something that the author would have missed.

blog link buildingAgain, this too managed to create high-quality backlinks to a site. However, in the recent past, this has failed to work completely due to increased competition and change in the dynamics of how online businesses are conducted.

Currently, no matter how much you try to write the best comments on thousands of blog article, it will never work because it died a long time ago.
So why did blog link building by commenting stopped working?
Blog commenting stopped working when Google modified its algorithms used to rank pages on their search engine. When people visited the site that you commented on they would be seduced by your ideas to visit your site because you have provided something useful that was missing in the article.

What takes them back to your site is the anchor text which in this case is your name which appears as a link. Let’s say you commented on 2000 blogs that would mean you will have 2000 backlinks that have the same anchor text that is your name.

In my earlier post, how to rank first on Google, I happened to mention that hummingbird is the algorithm that checks conversational search queries with accuracy. What this means is that if you get a pingback or backlink from another site that does not talk about the same niche as yours then it is not considered as a relevant.

Additionally, the anchor text which should appear as a link in all the backlinks that you created should not be similar for it to be considered relevant. Therefore, all the 2000 backlinks will not be regarded by Google as relevant backlink simply because they could be coming from different niche which is not related to your article and second all the backlinks would contain the same anchor text which is your name and this is against the requirements of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.
blog link buildingWhat is the alternative to blog commenting?
The purpose of commenting on blogs is to create backlinks which help to increase traffic to any site. Since blog link building by commenting is not working, I am going to show you another formula that is quite effective in boosting your organic traffic and help your site earn quality and high backlinks over time.
All you need is to go to your browser and search for Google Search Console it will request you to enter your website and it will take a few days to gather the statistics of your blog. Once you have the statistics you can then check your click through rate which is often written as CTR.

Look for the sites that have keyword and click through rate of less than 4%. Go over these pages and look at the things that you can modify or add then update the content and wait for them to be re-indexed after a month and then check back.  You will be surprised to see the content performing even better. Additionally, you can use simple yet powerful words that have a higher click through rate such as How to, Listicles, Free, You, tips, Blog Post, Why, Tricks and Best. The above methods are quite effective and will help you get the traffic and backlinks that your site requires.