Who is a digital marketing manager?

As the title job suggests, the digital marketing manager is one who performs the duties of a marketer in the online space. In essence, the digital marketing manager is tasked with the mandate of a marketer through the help of digital tools that enhance the effectiveness of a marketing process.

Among the job descriptions of a digital marketing manager includes building and maintaining of social media networks, SEO practices, advertising campaigns, measure and report performance of digital marketing campaign, identification of trends and insights, brainstorming new and creative growth hacking strategies, teamwork effort with other team members.

How to do digital marketingDuties in digital marketing 

Building and maintaining of social media networks

A digital marketing manager should be able to build and maintain social media accounts on various systems. The social media pages to be created should be maintained through the consistent posting of relevant and informative content to engage with the target market. A digital marketing manager must be able to measure his or her duties to the expectation of a brand or organization.

SEO practices

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most fundamental things that a social or online entrepreneur must learn and practice. Search engine optimization mainly deals with methods that enable the search engine to understand your content for the purpose of enabling the users of such information to access your content with ease. SEO can be done in two different forms which I have elaborated in my guide to mastering SEO.

Advertising Campaigns

how to do digital marketingIn our definition, we have mentioned that a digital marketing manager carries out marketing practices in a digital platform. Therefore, most of the work that a digital manager is involved in is the promotion. All the efforts are meant to promote a particular business in the online space. Developing creative advertising that is targeted to the market niche of your business is vital to the overall success of a digital marketing manager.

Measure and reporting performance

I recently wrote quite an informative post on how reporting tools are significant for the success of any online business. For a digital marketing manager to be able to evaluate his or her performance, he or she has to be able to measure ROI. The importance of measuring and reporting tools is that it assists in the decision-making process. If you have two campaigns in progress and one works quite well than the other one. In this case, a digital marketing manager who is qualified can write a report that will show which campaign is better and the one to focus on rather than wasting time and money in one that is not effective.

Identification of trends and insights

A digital marketing manager is supposed to be updated with the latest trends and insights of a particular target market. This is important because the key to successful blogging is always to keep your readership engaged with the latest information that will transform their businesses.

how to do digital marketingBrainstorm new and creative ways

Every digital marketing manager should be able to come up with creative ways of engaging their readers to ensure maximum benefits are reaped from a particular advertising campaign. Most marketing practices take quite a long period, but marketers should be creative to leverage on a campaign that goes viral.

Team effort

A digital marketing manager should be able to work with other team members in an organization to ensure that the mission, vision, and goals of an organization are aligned with the marketing campaigns to be carried out.

Requirements of a digital marketing manager

A digital marketing manager is expected to have a degree in marketing from a known institution, prove of past duties to demonstrate experience, highly creative, able to measure results of campaigns, have a solid knowledge of analytics tools, have experience in setting up and optimizing a website and should always be updated.

Benefits of a digital marketing 

The benefit of a digital marketing manager is to increase awareness of a particular brand or organization in the online space by increasing traffic, subscribers and conversion. Traffic is often considered as the oxygen for an online business which requires skills on how to do digital marketing to achieve desired results.