What is keyword research?

Keyword research and analysis is a Search Engine Optimization process where professionals in the field research on the terms that people use in a search engine to get precise results.

For instance, if a user is trying to find out about how search engine optimization works. The search engine will use the keywords in the search query that include Search+Engine+Optimization to provide results that best answer the user’s search phrase.

Why is a keyword research  and analysis necessary?

Keyword research and analysisKeyword research and analysis is important because it helps you achieve better rankings in the search engine and boost your traffic. Sometimes people develop high and quality content but that is not just enough because there is no way to guarantee that people will stumble upon your content quite quickly.

Remember, a user looking for specific content on the internet does not know whether your content exists. Therefore, the user will first find the best words that best describe what kind of information they want then the search engine will use the search query to locate the content from millions of content that exist online.

After the search engine crawls millions of content, it will produce results that are ranked in terms of high quality, relevance and credibility which is determined by the number of backlinks pointing to that particular content.

Keyword research and analysis will guarantee you improved performance based on how well you conduct your. There are various tools that can help you do keyword research on the internet. The best keyword research and analysis tools are going to cost you a few bucks but take it as an investment because the potential benefit you are going to reap from keyword research tools is unimaginable.

However, if you are limited on your budget, you can also make good use of Google Analytics. If you have registered with Google Analytics and not just Google Analytics, many blogging platforms have data based on how people reach your website.

The reason why I am using Google Analytics is because anyone can easily access it.  When you look for the search query in your data, you will find specific keywords that people used to reach your site. What this information offers you is the gateway to increasing your traffic.

Keyword research and analysisKeyword research and analysis using Google Analytics is not as effective as other keyword research tools such as Market Samurai and Semrush. In my opinion, these are the best tools because I have tried them and I use them on many occasions.

These tools provide you more information that is easy to interpret and apply when developing content. The most important information that these keyword research tools will offer you is the volume of searches for a particular keyword, Cost Per Click that advertisers pay, the number of websites containing the keyword and much more.

The best way to conduct a keyword research is to check the keyword that has the most number of searches and has few numbers of websites. Alternatively, you could go for those that have a substantial number like 500 to 2000 but have few numbers of sites.

I have not mentioned that going for those keywords with a high number of searches and a huge volume of sites is not a good option, but then it would require much from you since you have to create backlinks to your content in order to beat majority of those websites that are already ranking for that particular keyword.

How to use keywords in your content

Keyword research and analysisAfter you have found the best keywords that you will use in your content, you need to use those keywords in your titles and also ensure that the keywords manifest in your content.

The important thing is to make sure that the keyword appears naturally and not spamming your content for the phrase because you will be penalized and your content will not be of high quality. Have fun developing content by conducting keyword research and analysis.