It is estimated that almost half of the business online do not have a digital marketing plan.  About 20% of online businesses have a digital marketing plan, but they do not implement their marketing plan. A friend of mine always told me that if you do not have a plan for anything, then you are planning to fail.

There is no one who wants to fail, but most people who fail online is because they do not own a content marketing plan. A content marketing plan is significant for your business if you are looking to grow and innovate. A content marketing SEO plan represents a checklist for your business to measure results and make informed decisions through past experiences.

What is content marketing SEO?

content marketing SEOContent marketing SEO plan is a channel strategy that is informed by research through customer behavior and marketplace activities based on objectives of future marketing processes according to smart insights.

How do you create a content marketing SEO plan?

From the above description of a content marketing SEO plan, there are three things to consider before deciding to create a content marketing SEO plan.

Research on customer behavior

Researching on customer behavior simply means listening to your target market. For you to accomplish this aspect, you need to ask yourself

  • Who is my target market?
  • What is my target market looking for?
  • How can you best reach my target market?
  • How do I satisfy my target market?

You can narrow down by asking yourself more questions to get a clear picture of your target market.

Marketplace activities

Marketplace activities require you to be always updated with the latest information about your specific niche by answering the questions in the customer behavior. The Importance of this is that you will always have fresh information for your target market.

Future objectives

content marketing SEOIn this section, you will have to know what your end goals are by asking yourself these simple questions

  • Am I looking for traffic?
  • Am I looking to increase sales?
  • Am I looking to collect emails?
  • Am I looking to increase engagement?
  • Am I looking for conversions?

According to Neil Patel, traffic+ conversion = success and this should be the goal of every business online, but this does not mean you should not focus on other things like creating an email list. Always remember that email list has the highest conversion rate among all other techniques.

After you have addressed these three aspects based on the guidelines above you can know go ahead and create a content marketing SEO plan because you have a clear perspective on which road you want to take with your online business.

Step by step guide to creating a content marketing SEO Strategy

  1. Develop a content strategy

The age of build content and visitors will show up is long gone, you need to be smart with your plan which means you need to create an editorial calendar that guides you, have a social media workflow, optimize your content. Developing a content strategy is your best bet to get your target audience to visit your page.

  1. Master Search Engine Optimization

Every content you develop has to have a concrete digital marketing plan which implies that your content has to be reader friendly and also easy for search engines to crawl your site. Search Engine Optimization is making sure that your content can be easily accessed through a search engine. If this is not possible, then your readers cannot get access to your content. SEO is classified in two ways which you can read from this article

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  1. Create backlinks

Google has an algorithm known as Panda which is responsible for links that come into your site and content. These links give your content credibility which implies that getting quality backlinks from other relevant sites endorse your content and they can harm your site if they are built them the wrong way. Learn how to create quality backlinks from this article

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  1. Develop social media Plan

Social media networks have become very important in our daily lives and influence almost every aspect of our behavior. Due to their impact on our lives, people are finding other businesses through social media networks, and you need to develop a workflow that ensures your target market can easily find your content on social networks. For instance, hashtagging a particular content lets readers looking for information containing the keyword easily.

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  1. Make use of reporting tools

Reporting tools are important to any form of business because it helps you keep track of your progress. Without data to show your progress, there is no way to know whether you are near or far from achieving your objective. Therefore, it is significant that you keep track of your progress by making use of your reporting tools to guide you towards accomplishing your goals.