One common challenge that bloggers and marketers have is getting the right images for their content. It is human nature to be attracted to the visual element as compared to other forms of content. However, many bloggers do not have time and resources to get the right images to accompany their content.

As a result, many publishers end up working with what they have which in some cases fail to measure to the standards of their content or bring the message out as intended. In this post, I am going to list a few ways to get free images that you can use for your content creation.

  1. Pixabay

high definition picturesPixabay is a free online resource for free images, vectors and drawings you can head over and get quality images that you can modify for your blog posts

  1. Pexels

This is one of the places I find my high definition pictures, modify them and use them for my blog post. Pexels is a good resource for bloggers because it is free and you can copy, modify and distribute the photos as much as you would like. All photos that appear on this site are free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

  1. Creative market

Creative market is a paid service although it also has free images, fonts and many offers you can use to customize your blog posts.

  1. Getty images

high definition picturesGetty images is a useful resources that contains more than 60million embedded images that allows you to copy and use in your posts.

  1. Public Domain

Public domain images is a pool of great images collected by other publishers. The site contains both old and modern images that you can use on your posts because they are free.

  1. Wikimedia Commons

This is another great resource that contains more than 30million media files that you can use for your blogs. However, not all images are free so it requires you to take a look at their terms and conditions before you decide to use the images.

  1. Free Images

Free images contains free images as well as paid images. Before you decide  to use a particular image ensure that you check whether its free or you need to pay.

  1. Canva

high definition picturesCanva is great resource with template images that help you modify and use the images for your blog posts. Canva also have paid high definition pictures and most of them cost between 1 and 2 dollars. Head over and sign up before you can use the images.

  1. Open Photo

Open photo contains tons of images, vectors and some video where you are allowed to select the ones that you want for commercial use.

  1. New old Stock

New old photo is a free tool that offers you full vintage photos from public gallery. The images are unlimited and you can get all that you want for your blogging niche.

  1. Picography

This resource has free images that you can use as you please. The images are of high resolution which offers you a chance to make your content perform better.

  1. Stokpic

This site contains great images that can be modified and used in blog post freely without any restriction whatsoever. The site has categories that help you access the images you want easily.

  1. StockVault

This vault allows you to easily search for high definition pictures to find exactly what you want but before you decide to use any on the images feel free to read their terms and condition first.

  1. Unsplash

high definition picturesThe site allows you to search images that you need through browsing through their huge gallery. This site has high definition pictures although it consumes time as it has no search function.

  1. Photopin

This resource has great and high definition pictures that can be used by bloggers and publishers. The images are completely free for anyone to use.

If these options are not enough for you, visit 80+ Free stock photos to find the best photos that you can use for your sites. Remember you can customize all the photos you download with Canva which offers you a wide range of resources that you can use to modify your business as you please.