Productivity is a challenging concept for many people especially when you are trying something new. I come across many individuals in various fields who often ask me how they can ensure that they work efficiently.

Before we learn how to improve productivity, it is important to understand the term productivity. In simple terms, productivity refers to the measure of efficiency or the outcome of an activity based on work completed.

It, therefore, implies that there has to be some work done before you can measure productivity. Let us take an example of Marion who is a blogger in health and beauty niche. Marion starts her blog and runs the blog for six months.

So, Marion’s productivity is measured by the performance of her new blog based on the effort and time taken to focus on the blog. Her productivity could be in terms of traffic that she gets from all her efforts within the six months.

boost productivityNow that we have understood the concept of productivity, we can conclude that its significance is to increase efficiency in terms of profits, greater income and better services as desired by customers or particular target market.

  1. Passion/Interest

Passion or interest is the biggest motivator to take on a particular task. The highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of need is self-accomplishment. This level is attained by the need to fulfill or become the person that you want in life. The drive and motivation to become better could be based on different things depending on a person.

However, passion or interest plays a significant role towards achieving some set of objectives. From the example on Marion, the motivating factors could be that she is interested in beauty and health tips, an expectation of monetizing her new site or documenting each and everything she has learned in that niche. Therefore, for you to improve your productivity, it is important to know about the things that motivate you to take on particular tasks willingly.

  1. Focus

Focus in general terms implies putting your mind, energy and time on something. Improving one’s productivity requires some form of focus. In Marion’s case, she took six months to run her blog which means that each and every day within the six months she was focused to improve her blog. Therefore, this translates to everyone who is looking to boost their productivity that there has to be time allocated for a task to be accomplished

  1. State your objectives clearly

In our definition of productivity, we happen to mention that efficiency is measured after some certain tasks are performed. Outrightly, it implies that when you begin something, there is always an expected outcome to be accomplished. For instance, The moment you enter college at the back of your mind you are thinking of getting a degree, when you go to the beach you expect to get some form of satisfaction, when you go to the office in the morning you expect to accomplish some tasks. Boosting your productivity requires you to have a clear objective so that you are motivated towards accomplishing those goals.

  1. Become a problem solver
boost productivity
Businessman stressed by too many tasks

I have a friend who always points out mistakes, and for a long time, I thought this was not a good thing as people tend to avoid him since they did not want to be told about the wrong things they did. Later, I came to learn is that this was actually important and his ability to point out mistakes was a great tool since it helped improve performance. Whenever you find yourself stuck in something, never quit until you find a solution to bypass the problem. Every problem you solve gets you closer to accomplishing your objectives and that is how to boost your productivity.

  1. Develop a strategy

A strategy is the only road that will take you to your objectives, and without one, you can never know where you are headed which limits your chances of becoming productive at something. A strategy acts like a checklist that guides you on the right path based on your objectives. Let us say you are participating in a marathon which is to take place in six weeks. A good strategy is to train for four or five days in a week and run the full marathon to evaluate your performance in terms of the time it takes to complete. Measuring your progress will help you improve your productivity or help you make better decisions towards improving your productivity.

  1. Know your peak hours

Peak hours refer to the time when you have optimum performance. Many people have different peak hours based on their daily routine. However, most people work best when their mind is fresh and in most cases this is early in the morning. During your peak hours is the time you are required take on your important or difficult duties.  For instance, a majority of new blogger juggle between work and developing their new blogs. This means that they are forced to blog when they are tired from normal working hours, and this reduces their productivity. A solution can be waking up early to blog and sleep early after work to ensure they remain productive always. Discover your peak hours to help you improve your productivity in any field.