What is a long tail keyword?

A long tail keyword is a phrase with more than three or four keywords. One characteristic feature of a long-tail keyword is that it is more specific in nature.

What is the difference between a long tail keyword and an ordinary keyword?

An ordinary keyword is normally between 1-3 keyword phrases such as ‘search engine optimization’ and a long-tail keyword looks like this ‘3 step by step ways to boost your search engine optimization.’

long tail seoWhy is a long tail SEO significant?

A long-tail keyword is important because it specifies the search query, low-cost and has a high probability of conversion.

I will explain the three significance’s in detail so that you get a clear picture of what I mean by the above statement.

Specifies the search query

An ordinary keyword phrase is broad in nature in the sense that it offers you the basics. For instance, if a user uses an ordinary keyword phrase such as ‘search engine optimization’ in the search engine, the results will be wide. These results are useless if the user will have to read each one to find the right content. On the other hand, a long-tail keyword is specific in nature and as you can see from our example ‘3 step by step ways to boost your search engine optimization’ It clearly specifies the search term. Users know the basics and are looking for detailed information about certain topics in your niche. Leveraging on long-tail keywords helps you to attract more visitors because they are searching for specific content.


The short phrases have a high cost when it comes to CPC (cost-per-click) which are ads paid for by a company so that their ads appear first on search engines when users search for specific keywords. On the other hand, long tail keyword phrases have a low cost which means their cost-per-click is lower and allows those marketers using CPC platforms such as Google AdWords to pay less for their advertising.

Probability of conversion

long tail seoShort phrases or ordinary keyword have a low probability of conversion because the competition is high. How many articles do you think exist currently that are talking about ‘search engine optimization’? You are right, there are so many of them and what this means is that it is very difficult for you to compete with those sites that are already ranking high for that particular phrase. On the other hand, how many sites do you think exist talking about ‘3 step by step ways to boost your search engine optimization’ again you are right, there are very few of them which means it is easy for you to convert using long tail keyword because there is little competition if any.

How do you find long tail keyword phrases?

Long tail keywords are pretty much easy to find when you have the right tools. An amazing tool you can use to search for long tailed keyword phrases is Google AdWords keyword planner tool. (see step by step process here)

When you log in to Google AdWords plan your next campaign search by entering a phrase or two as your seed keyword (any keyword ideas).

After clicking the keyword, it will produce results of related keywords based on the seed keyword you entered.

AdWords will produce ad group ideas by relevancy and also show you average monthly searches, competition and suggested bid.

You can click on keyword ideas the tab next to ad group ideas so that you can get more variation of long tail keyword phrases

To get as many keyword phrases as possible use 7 search advertising network and follow the following steps

Search 7search on your browser and click on advertiser tab shown in the image below

long tail seo

Enter your keyword and click the green bar written see keyword results to find a variety of variations you can use for your articles.

long tail seo

How do you use long tail keyword phrases you have researched?

Using these long tail keyword phrases you have researched is very easy all you need to do is ensure that you use them in your headline; build internal links within your site that point to the content and those internal links must be relevant.

To write clickable headlines the trick is to target words that have a high click-through rate such as

  • How to
  • Use listicles or numbers
  • Free
  • You
  • Tips
  • Blog post
  • Why
  • Tricks

You can combine these words with powerful adjectives such as

  • Exclusive
  • Ultimate
  • Extraordinary

and many other power words you can read from a list of powerful words

Manifest the long tail keyword on your article to appear natural

Increase your engagement through social media platforms increase the chances of your content performing better on search engines.

What are some of the SEO tools to help me with long tailed keywords?

  1. 7Search advertising network

7Search is a SEO tool that will produce a list of over 30 variations of long tail keyword for the keyword you enter.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is another great SEO tool that will provide you with information on popular content about a specific search and the number of shares on social media platforms.

  1. Semrush

Semrush offers you a wide range of information about long tail keyword phrases, search volume, trend among other resources to assist you to make better decisions

  1. Ubersuggest

This is a simple long tail keyword research tool that will provide you with a different variation of long tail keyword phrases. It can assist you to target the specific keyword phrases.

  1. Keywordtool.io

This SEO tool will provide you with over 750 long tail keyword variation of your keyword

  1. Google AdWords keyword tool planner

This tool will help you determine the long tail keywords that are not competitive and easy to rank phrases

  1. Google related & auto-suggest

This tool will suggest how you should pair up your phrases to come up with a long tailed keyword

What impact does long tail keyword have on my site?

The long-tail keyword has the potential to increase your organic search traffic by up to 100% when done the right way using the right tools. Besides, since long tail keyword phrases are specific, it means that you will have targeted organic traffic and we all know the formula for success

Targeted Traffic+Conversion= Success

Here are a few example of how long-tailed keyword is highly valued

NeilPatel, confesses to having used this strategy to grow his Kissmetricks blog from 0-350,000 monthly visitors

Janice Wald of Mostly blogging uses this strategy among other influential bloggers such as Marcus Sheridan, Alex Cooper among others. Join the big league of bloggers by learning these few tricks.