How to create a blog 

Most people read content from other people online and get inspired to start their blog. However, before one begins the process of creating a blog, there are a few things that one considers which include;

  • The main reason for creating a blog.
  • Deciding on what your blog will address.
  • Choosing a blogging platform.
  • Decide on the hosting platform.
  • Plan and setting up your blog.

Worry not about these issues as we are going to cover all that you need to know.

1. Decision to create a blog

It is important for you to identify the factors that push your drive to start a blog. Most people begin their blogs as personal blogs, some begin to inspire other people, and some begin to fill a gap, while some create their blogs for the purpose of making money. Your decision to create a blog plays a significant role in determining the growth and success of your blog.

  1. Target niche

Your target market is an important factor to consider when creating your first blog. Without a purpose, there is no other way of determining efficiency and productivity. The target market is paramount because your content should be structured in the way that it provides useful information to your readers always.

  1. Blogging platform

A blogging platform is a company that is going to help you set up your blog. There are free sites as well as sites that require you to pay for domain name and hosting. A free blog is a good option to start your blog and when you are convinced that that is what you want you can always migrate your blog to a paid platform that offers you immense benefits.

However, if you have sufficient information about blogging then paid option is the best. What I mean by free blog is like Blogger which is hosted by Google, and your domain name would appear with such as On the other hand, paid platform will offer you a chance to buy your domain and host your site which will now remove the and you will have something like

  1. Hosting platform

Hosting platform is the server that will host your website. Hosting is crucial and you should research on the hosting platform so that your site is always online and not a cheap platform where your site will be offline or experience management related issues now and then.

Now that you have considered these four aspects it means that you are ready to create your blog and begin blogging right away.

Creating your blog on a free platform

I will show you step by step process of creating a blog using blogger free platform and WordPress free platform before we look on how to create a blog on paid platform.

Creating a Free Blog on Blogger

Creating a blog using blogger is quite easy, and you can have your blog running in under five minutes.

The first step to creating a blog using Blogger is to create a Google account. A Google account is opened through registering an email address on Gmail.

If you already have a Google account, you can sign in to your account and from your browser search Blogger

How to create a blog 

From the above image, you can clearly see the site appears first and you can sign in if you had not registered an account with Google but if you are logged in you can go ahead and click on creating a new blog which will take you to the image below

How to create a blog 

Now once you are here, you can begin by entering the Title, your Address and choose a theme.

Title refers to the name that you will use such as ChrisMophart

Address refers to the domain name of your site in our case the one available is if the address you want is not available you can continue changing the name of leave out a letter until you get the one that is available. You should also read things to know before selecting a domain name

The theme is the structure and appearance of your blog, in this case, we will go with any since these is a tutorial. After we have entered everything we can now click the create blog button as shown below

How to create a blog 

After the above step, your blog will be created and you will be redirected to your new blog which will appear like the image below

How to create a blog 

Here you can now begin your new post which is normally a welcoming message to your readers and perhaps a small description of what you are going to blog about including posting schedule.

From the dashboard of your new blog, you can view your statistics, comments, earnings, campaign, create pages, modify layout, theme and settings of your new blog.

Creating a free blog on WordPress

WordPress blogging platform has a .com site and a .org site You can look at the differences from these articles

The differences between and

Step by step guide to migrate from to

But I am going to take you through using the site.

Browse for site, and Google will produce the following results where you will click on Sign Up which will take you to a page similar as the one below in step 1

How to create a blog 


How to create a blog 

The purpose of this section is to help you select the site that you want. For this purpose, we will take the first option.

Step 2

After clicking the option, it will redirect you the next step where you will now choose a theme as shown below and we shall click the first option which will take us to the third step

How to create a blog 

Step 3

How to create a blog 

The third step allows you to select a domain name. Here if you already own a domain name, you can click on the link that says Already own a domain. If you are starting your free blog just go ahead and type your domain address as shown below and select free.

Notice that there are other options that allow you to upgrade which will require you to pay.

How to create a blog 

Step 4

How to create a blog 

The fourth step will provide you with a range of options to choose from and features which you can select at a fee as shown below

Step 5

How to create a blog The last step will require you to enter your email address and create your new blog right away. After these steps, you can log in to your account and begin familiarizing yourself with your new site and start blogging by writing your first post.

Creating your blog through paid platform On

Paid platform will require you to own a domain name which you will have to pay for it and you do not have to host since WordPress hosts the site for you but you can change a hosting platform at any time.

From the third step now you can click I already own a Domain name and you will be required to enter it and follow the rest of the steps as I have shown above

How to create a blog 

There are a lot of things that you need to consider about .org and .com platform which you can read from these articles

Differences between and

Now that you have learned how to create a blog you are now ready to begin your blogging journey by creating a blogging calendar.