Creating social media Content strategy template

social media content strategy template

Developing a social media content strategy for your business is the greatest investment you will ever do to yourself. However, you do not want to jump into a river you do not know the depth and what could be inside. So, first things first, you need to know why you need a social media content strategy template for your business before you embark on developing one.

Why do I need to develop a social media content strategy template?

Every social media platform offer unique features that play a significant role in increasing the visibility of your business and boost brand awareness. Social media platforms help your business to rank higher based on social shares according to Moz. The more your content is shared on social media; the more your business gets credit as an authority site. Social media platforms have become essential tools for online businesses mainly for these reasons;

  • More followers
  • More likes
  • More shares
  • Website referral traffic

Followers, likes shares and traffic have the potential to improve your business performance by a big margin.

Think about how your friends spend most of their time glued to their smartphones. I am confident that you know they are checking this or that from one social media account to another. This is a common trend to everyone with an account on various social media platforms across the world. What is not common is that they are browsing through other people’s content and not your own. For this reason, you are losing big-time and that is why you need to develop a social media content strategy template.

How do I develop a social media content strategy template?

The following factors should be considered when developing social media content strategy template.

Target niche

social media content strategy templateContent is for target market as target market is for content. This phrase only means that one cannot do without the other and if that situation arises, then you should know that you are out of business. You only have to develop content when you are sure that it is going to be read. Understanding your target market is the key to developing your social media content strategy template.

Your target market is in demand for content of a specific nature, and your job is to deliver the content as per your target market specification. Therefore, you need to ask yourself who is it that your business is targeting? Is it single women, photographers, marketers, pregnant women or school teachers? Depending on your niche, you need to have the right answer to curate content that is intended for a particular group.

Develop a hypothetical social media content strategy template

Having a hypothetical social media content strategy template is a technique that boosts your creativity into becoming innovative. A hypothetical plan should be easy because you are informed about your target market. You may choose to write it down because it helps to visualize what your target market will be viewing.

Spy your competition

We live in an increasingly competitive world that it is almost impossible for you not to have a competitor. Think of your competitors as other people who are in the same business as yours. It is important that you spy on them so that you understand what they are doing in comparison to your hypothetical social media content strategy template. Spying on your competition will give you a grasp of what you should do different or modify your hypothetical plan to improve its performance. The importance of spying on your competition is that it removes the need of having to try strategies that may not work.

Develop a content calendar

A content calendar is a useful tool that will help you know the times you are required to develop content. A good content calendar should help you know upcoming events so that you plan ahead. Successful marketers have plans running several months in the future. This way, they are left with an easy task of modifying a few issues to make the content perfect for visitors.

Develop a content strategy

social media content strategy templateNow that you have a good idea of what is expected of you, it is time to step up and become a master of the game. Start developing social media content strategy template for various social media platforms. Various factors are involved with coming up with a great content strategy. The following factors should be carefully considered

Social media platforms allow you to include text, image, video and links to content.

  • Texts help the reader to know exactly what the content is addressing.
  • Images and video are helpful to enhance visual aspect.
  • Links are useful to redirect the visitors to more information about content.

To make the content appealing, you need to use buzz social keywords to increase interactivity which could go along with questions, phrases and quotes.

Always remember your objective is to generate traffic, create a following and increase engagement.

It is important that when people respond to your content, you make a point of replying to their feedback or join in on various conversations that are related to your target niche with the aim of solving issues or adding value to what they already know.

I have mentioned before in my social media articles that social networks are becoming like newsfeed where content is refreshed and updated frequently. This means that you need to keep up with the pace of the game and post content consistently. You should be able to post at least four times in a day according to social media examiner.

Keep up with the changes of various social media platforms. Each and every day social networking sites work tirelessly to improve user interactivity which implies you should leverage on the new features that have the potential to revolutionize your business.

Make use of statistics on your social platforms by using reporting tools to decode useful information for you to improve on your content strategy.

Using #Hashtags is a clever way to target your visitors who are looking for accurate information about a particular content on the web or social platforms. You can learn more how to use hashtags from this article

What does a #hashtag mean?

Make use of infographics to help your visitors have a clear picture of your content to increase engagement.

Use conversational tone to engage your audience and acknowledge them when you learn something new.

Monitor your performance

Measure your content strategy and determine which social platform is working for you and those that are not working. The ones that are performing well are the ones you need to concentrate on while the ones that are not working well can either be modified.