You probably have heard or know that building a new site from scratch is demanding. Also, you might have heard that there is an option to find a new profitable niche market that you can easily grow and make money. For this reason, building a new site from scratch becomes a problem that requires a solution.

According to those who see creating a new site from scratch as a problem, they often look for a profitable niche market that already exists. Do not get confused with the word new because there are no new profitable niche markets because those niches already exist just that you have not realized.

A lucrative niche market exists and from this post, you will learn how to look for these niche markets that are profitable just as those who knew they exist earlier.

The concept of a niche market

Profitable niche markets are found through extensive research process on various sites. Your objective here is to find weak sites that pull in a lot of traffic. Most of these sites include reviews and rating sites although it does not necessarily mean that you cannot find a weak site that pulls in quite a lot of traffic.

For this purpose, Affiliate sites are mostly used because a majority of them drive substantial traffic to their sites. When you find a site that you are interested in, you can pick the URL of the site and run it on Semrush where you will get a ton of information about the site. The first step is to check the number of organic searches the site receives.

You might also want to check the keywords which these sites are using to rank high and use filters to target longer variation of the same keywords which will give you long-tail keywords to work with.

Besides, you can check their backlink data, root domain, and anchor text just to know what the site did to rank higher. Root domains is a great place stop and check the sites linking to the site you are investigating so as to see how you can also get the same backlinks for your new profitable niche.

This process can also be used to target your competition, and from your analysis, you can come up with a whole bunch of information to help your site also rank high.

I believe I have exhausted the basics of finding a niche market now I am going to take you step by step so that you do not get confused the first time you will be trying everything I have summarized above.

Monitor trends

The first thing you should do is to brainstorm some interests and passion you have by searching for specific keywords to look for these weak sites. For this purpose of monitoring trends, there are a bunch of tools that can make it easy for you. Some of these sites include;


Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. It sells a wide variety of merchandise consumed by almost everyone. This is a good place to find great niches through the products they are selling. This site will help you discover sub-niches of the topics that interest you as well as totally new niches that can assist you to promote related affiliate products.

What you need to do is visit the site and click on the categories section. After a list of categories pops up, look for the category that you are interested in or want to research. Clicking on what you like and you will produce results with subcategories, and when you click on them, you will be further redirected to specific sub-niche. This simple process will give you great niche sites to work on.

Still on Amazon, You can find the ‘best seller’ products from the menu bar at the top of the site. Best seller products offer you information about which products are highly demanded, and this can help you to discover profitable niche sites.

Click bank is the world’s number one site that deals with digital products. You can use a similar approach as Amazon above to find the categories, subcategories, and specific sub-niche that you can work on to determine the best niche market that you might want to build. You can determine a profitable niche by the number of products and the higher the number, the profitable the niche.


Stumbleupon is a site that allows you to find sites based on interests. This one is very simple to use since all you need to do is click on most popular at the top of the site which will produce a list of different interests. Clicking on those sites will produce some subtopics or sub-niche that can be profitable.

Yahoo trending

Yahoo trending is a great place to find trending news and products which can help you determine which niches are profitable for you to begin working on. The reason they are profitable is that people spend money on the things they like and this helps you to know exactly the topics that you need to focus on.

This site helps you to find most active forums on their database. The popular the forum, the profitable the niche. You only need to visit the site and click on top forum to get a list of different forums which you can select from the categories section and determine the ones that you like and want to work on.

Twitter trends

This is also a simple social platform that can help you determine the things that are trending. This works well on the news related topics and only in demand for a short period. Twitter trends get updated frequently. Thus, topics listed on the trends are only in demand for a short period but for topics that are trending worldwide, these can profitable niche to focus on.

I have already given you enough tools to help you find these profitable niche sites. If you do not like the ones above you can try the following. Google trends, Flippa,, EbayPolular, Google News, GoogleSuggest, Google keyword planner, Ubbersuggests, They all serve a similar purpose.

The above sites and tricks will help you determine which sites that you are going to work on. The next step is to use Semrush one of the best tools that will help you determine which sites are profitable so that you can begin working to grow them as your profitable niche market sites.

Using Semrush to find profitable niche market

So, once you decide which site you are going to study, you will need to log into Semrush a keyword planner tool and let it do everything for you. I will take you through on how you are a going to use the site to determine with precision how profitable the niche markets are.

Once on your Semrush dashboard, copy the link to the site you targeted to the search as shown below. For this tutorial, we are going to use as an example.

Keyword planner

You will notice that our search produces results as shown above, the number of organic searches it receives is 480k, Paid search is 1.2k Backlinks 952M and display advertising is 59.0k. The search will also provide you with a pie chart of distribution based on countries and mobile traffic. When you scroll down, you will see the image below which shows top organic keywords the position they are ranked on a search engine and volume of traffic among other things.

Keyword planner

You might want to click on the blue button written view full report. The full report will provide you with the total number of keywords, traffic and traffic cost. It will also show you a map of trends over time and a bunch of information with the specific keyword.

You can manipulate the data depending on your preference using the advanced filter and also manipulate the data in ascending or descending order using semrush keyword planner. The image below shows different features of full keyword report.

Keyword planner

To get longer variations of the same keyword, you use the advanced filter as shown below. As you can see, we have used the advanced filter to get longer keyword variations. The good thing about Semrush is that you can export all this information to your laptop or desktop so that you can look at later.

Keywords Planner

From the left-hand side of the Semrush dashboard locate backlinks and click on the button as shown below.

Keyword planner

The search will produce results as shown in the next image below where it shows the total backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, Domain score and trust score.

Keyword planner

Next to Overview, you can see information related to Backlinks, Anchor text, referring Domains, Referring IPs Indexed Pages and Comparison. You can use this information to determine ranking factors for the site.

When you click on the backlinks, it will take you to a similar page as shown below. From there, you can click on Source where the arrows are pointing up in blue to check whether you can also get similar backlinks. Check for Source sites that are related to your niche and whether they are using PBN sites to get those backlinks so that you can leverage too.

Keyword planner

Now you can click the referring domain which will produce the results as shown below and you can repeat the same process by clicking on the small blue arrow that will redirect you to the site to determine whether you can get a link back to your content.

Keyword planner

You can check the anchor texts as well as other information that will help you determine exactly what factors those sites are using to rank.

You also get information about the countries those domain names are registered and their distribution in percentage.

The purpose of all these information is to allow you to mimic your competitor to grow a new site. Now you can begin a fresh site and use those same factors to rank, or you can buy a domain that exists in the niche market and begin developing fresh quality content based on the information you already have from your research.  A profitable niche will take about three months to start pulling in substantial traffic before you can monetize your site.