What is link building strategy?

Link building strategy is a marketing aspect that allows the owner of a particular website to find broken links on other sites for purposes of requesting them to replace the link with a working one from the owners’ site. Link building has to be relevant to the niche so that it counts for more votes as opposed to building irrelevant links.

Why is link building important?

What is link building

Link building strategy is significantly important because a link that points back to your content implies a vote that you have informative content that can be recommended to other people. The more the votes you have, the higher your content is going to be ranked.

The higher your content is ranked, the higher your traffic. People tend to buy products from people they trust or referred by their friends or family members. Link building works the same way because the links that point back to your site endorse your site as a leader in that particular subject matter.

The popularity of link building strategy is characterized by the need to make the internet a better place to search for information. Therefore, identifying broken link contributes to helping the search engines crawl the sites effectively to produce the best results.

Through finding broken links on a particular site, it helps the site to rank and perform better which means that you are helping the site which will then reciprocate by giving you the link back to your content and everyone wins.

Link building strategy is one of the best ways for a website to earn credible links that will improve the performance of a site.

Tools necessary for successful link building strategy

  1. You need a great looking site that has numerous and well-researched content.
  2. You need tools to help you search for broken links.
  3. Engaging templates to help you send out emails that will get you noticed

Top 5 tools to help you search for broken links

  1. Online Broken link checker
  2. Dead link checker
  3. Xenu link sleuth
  4. W3C link validation checker
  5. Google webmaster tools

what is link buildingThe above tools will increase your efficiency in searching for broken links not only on your site but a competitor’s site.

After you have searched for these broken links, it is important to note each site you find a broken link and the closest match from your site. Doing this helps make your work easier and also assist you not to send several emails to the same owner. It also helps you keep track of your progress and you can measure your performance.

You will need to determine the quality of links through various aspects such as page rank, social shares and the design of the site. A good tool to help you perform this trick is Open site Explorer from SEOMoz.

After you have decided on which broken links and their quality, you will want to find the owners information so that you can be able to mail them.

The owners of the sites contact information are always available on sites about and contact page form. From this section, you can come up with all the contact information from all the sites that you target.

Send each one of them an email that informs them about the link and possibly whether they would want to link back to you. The emails that you are going to send out should be brief and precise to the point. The emails should be personalized which means that you must have the correct information about the owners of the sites you are targeting.

Broken link SEOIt is important that you use the “dating concept” for efficiency as emphasized by NeilPatel in his advanced marketing program. The importance of this concept is that it is engaging and allows you to develop a relationship that is based on building broken links.

There are several ways to approach this emails to ensure that they are structured to accomplish a specific objective. However, I would advise that you become creative in drafting these templates. Neil Patel has great templates that you can look at to learn more about how to come up with great templates that will always work.

You can check for these emails template from this site Link builders guide to email outreach here; you will find Basic Link request template, PR Pitch template and Guest Posting among many others.

Start building links to your site the easy and the sure way today with my simple step by step guide. If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact my team for assistance.