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The rapid growth in the digital age has brought about opportunities as well as challenges. Marketing students and professors face numerous challenges regarding how to run a successful SEO marketing company. The online space brings forth a whole new perspective regarding the market size.

While digital marketing offers you a wide target market, finding a profitable niche that can sustain a business requires you to have the fundamental know-how to help you maneuver in the increasingly competitive world of digital marketing.

SEO Marketing CompanyFor this reason, it is important that each and every beginner takes a short crash course in digital marketing for you to be in a better position to compete with other marketers who have been involved with digital marketing for the past 15-20 years.

In this post, I am going to provide you with a roadmap of what you should expect in a digital marketing course.

There is great potential in understanding the roadmap which essentially means that if you have an idea of where you are going, then you might as well travel without requiring help from others. I am not saying that you should not seek advice and guidance from other people, all I am saying is that you will save a lot more time and money when you understand the basics rather than being a complete newbie in the field.

Many digital marketing courses offered in schools depend on established marketers for them to come up with a course outline. Further, it is going to cost you an arm and a leg and the only option you are left with is to attend online courses that will charge you upwards of $10,000 on a monthly basis.

Both the schools and courses online are standard courses that are based on well-researched techniques that are effective in the digital marketing space. On the other hand, these courses can be accessed without spending a dime by knowing what you are looking for in the online space. A majority of beginners often find themselves with unlimited content and they get confused wondering what they should implement and what they should leave out.

I want you to take a simple experiment with me. So, let’s search for the term digital marketing course in our Google browser as shown below.

SEO Marketing Company

You will notice that Google produces 11,300,000 results based on the search term. Take a close look at how these results are structured, the first two are advertised through AdWords. Also, digital marketing and online marketing appears to be bolded in the description section. This tells you that those are the keywords that Google used to crawl those sites.

The point I wanted to put across is that all those sites have information regarding digital marketing course. Each domain represents a different school teaching the same subject. Think of it like Harvard, Yale, Stamford and so forth. Although each might be offering something unique, it is equally important and up to you to determine exactly what you want to learn about and you will get the information you require.

Now that you understand how you can save time and money I will provide you with a list and details of everything you need to learn to become a better and successful digital marketing manager.

SEO Marketing Company

  1. Marketing fundamentals

This is the first thing that you should learn as a digital marketing manager. Understanding the buyer and seller persona plays a critical role in the way you are going to develop your unique selling proposition. In this subject, you will learn several aspects that motivate a buyer to make a particular purchase. This will help you learn the intent of a marketing campaign to help you develop your own campaigns.

  1. Create your own site

Anyone can create their own sites without any technical skills. All you need to know is basic knowledge of how a website looks like, a domain name or address, themes and customization processes including how you post your first content and adding images.

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  1. Copywriting

Copywriting is often referred to as the art and science of systematically delivering a message in the form of text, image and video that is aimed at getting people to take some action. Copywriting has grown to be one of the highest paying jobs. Have you noticed how influential personalities are taking over the social media networks by storm? That is a skill which has its roots to copywriting.

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  1. YouTube Marketing

Videos are becoming an interesting aspect of marketing and vlogging has become a lucrative niche market. People tend to understand and remember information in a video format as opposed to a text. As a result, videos are increasingly becoming popular and something you need to learn as digital marketing manager.

  1. Social Media networks

Social media networks affect most aspect of our behavior and everyone with a smartphone will visit a social media platform at least three times in a single day. Digital marketing managers need to learn how to effectively manage social media workflow to grow traffic and followers.

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) digital advertising model that is specifically used to drive traffic to a particular site. The site owner gets paid when an ad placed on that site is clicked. This strategy is used by elite digital marketers because you need to have great skills to determine products in demand, search pattern and which keywords to use to create a profitable campaign. Learn how to use Google AdWords for free

  1. Market research

Market research is important for you to determine if a business is going to be profitable. You may have seen marketers advising you to select a business in which you have a passion or interest. This is a good way to start a business but if market research determines the business not to be profitable, then there is no point of wasting your time. Therefore, market research is significant because it validates your idea of wanting to get into a particular business.

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SEO Marketing Company

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing has proved to be an effective tool to convert sales. The majority of marketers use email marketing to drive tons of sales to their business each day and it is important to learn how you can attract a large number of email subscribers. Learn the power of Email marketing today.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of learning simply because Google uses search engine optimization to drive organic search traffic to your site. You can learn more about search engine optimization from this article Mastering the art of Search Engine Optimization

  1. Google Analytics

Many of digital marketing managers fail because they do not track their activities. Google Analytics, as well as other reporting tools, are effective in helping you understand your business better for you to make meaningful decisions based on data available. You can learn more from this article on how reporting tools will improve the performance of your business.

  1. Quora and Lifestyle Marketing

Quora marketing is a marketing principle that is centered on ensuring you become an authority figure in the online space and drive long term website traffic. Lifestyle marketing is a new concept where marketers use their lifestyle through showing off their new rides homes and doing cool stuff to get their niche market to be motivated to take actions just as they did.