Marketers and sharp students are alike in one way or another. When a question is thrown at bright students, they all want to answer, but in most cases, the tutor only chooses two or three people at most to respond to the question.

click through rate averageMarketers always find themselves in this position when they create their marketing campaigns and they end up not getting any clicks.

A successful marketer should possess the copywriting skills that get their content earn a higher click-through rate as compared to beginners.

Earning a higher click-through rate in your content marketing campaign is significant for you to increase your conversion rate. If your conversion rate is low, then your business is not profitable and this means that you are losing quite some money when you could be laughing all the way to the bank.

In this post, I am going to teach you simple headlines strategy that will increase your click through rate. Just from the headline of this article, you can notice that it begins with a number format. This takes us to our first point which is Listicles.

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  1. Listicles

Listicles refers to content that starts with a number such as ‘7 Exclusive determinants to select a profitable niche’, ‘6 ways to destroy a troll’, or ‘7 ultimate ways to win your first date.’ These are typical structures of a Listicle headline. A Listicle is important in helping you increase your click-through rate by making it easier for the reader to follow your content for more natural understanding. Listicle can be in the form of a step by step guide or process that leads to an understanding of a particular concept.

  1. How to

click through rate averageWhen users use the search engine, they are most likely looking for answers they do not have. Therefore, it means that they are probably going to start their search by using the term ‘How to’ then followed by a specific question. A typical example of this scenario would be ‘learn how to increase your click-through rate with 10 powerful tricks, ‘How to increase your conversion rate without spending a dime.‘ You can be creative as long as you have the keywords in your headline. The important aspect is to put yourself in the position of a person looking for a particular information and think how they would go about it through a search engine.

  1. Free

People are attracted to free things across the world. Free rides, free medical checkup, free pizza if you buy two, free tickets, free lunch among many other free things that one can think about. This trend clearly indicates that many people are likely to go for free kinds of stuff.  Typical examples of this headline would be ‘Free guide to mastering the art of increasing your click-through rate,‘ ‘learn the basics of keyword research for free’ and ‘10 free tricks to increase your sales

  1. You

The word ‘You’ is a pronoun that is often used to refer to the person being addressed by the speaker. For instance, this article is targeted to marketers who have a problem with increasing their click through rate. In this case, i would approach them by involving them in the following manner; ‘Are you interested in learning how to increase your click-through rate?’, ‘You as a marketer require this skill for effectively increasing your click through rate’ or ‘Step by step guide for you to increase your click through rate.’

  1. Tips/Bonus

A ‘Tip’ may have several meanings attached to it but the tip I am referring is one that has to do with special instructions regarding a particular action. For example, one might offer you a piece of advice on how to make the perfect samosas or tip on how to win a lady on your first date. However, in our case, a typical example would be ‘10 tips to help you increase your click through rate.

  1. Blog Post

Blog post is another clever way to increase your click through rate. Blog post is easy to use although you cannot use it in some cases. For this purpose, an example would be ‘the only blog post that will teach you how to increase your click-through rate.’

  1. Why

The keyword why works in a similar manner as ‘How to’ where it plays a significant role in the way a user intends to look for a particular information. A typical example would be ‘why are you struggling to increase sales when you can use these words for free.’

  1. Best

The keyword best implies the better option among others. This suggests that incorporating this keyword along with your content, you can increase your chances of people clicking on your content. An example of this keyword is ‘10 best ways to help you increase your click through rate without spending money.

  1. Tricks

Trick is a fascinating keyword that mainly influences people with a perception of looking for a shortcut to accomplish an objective. It is human nature to wish that things were easier and this keyword leverages on that wish. An example could be ‘10 tricks to help you increase your click through rate’. Notice that it may or may not be a shortcut, but the purpose is to get the reader to take action.

  1. Great

Great is another way of implying quality. When you use the keyword great in your articles especially the headline, people will be encouraged to click on the content because they expect to have something special that is of high quality and not accessible easily. An example of this kind would be ‘10 great ways to increase your click through rate with these powerful words.

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You can always be creative and come up with great ways to incorporate the words in your content. Remember the examples used in this article are for tutorial purposes.