story telling with data

Story telling with data

The amount of Big Data has increased exponentially over the past five years. The interaction between human and systems is enhanced through various applications. This rise of information is often referred to as the internet of things which plays a significant role in analyzing the behavior of consumers so as to carry out an effective and efficient marketing process.

For this reason, statistical analysis and data mining statistical analysis and data mining skills have become the most sought after by multinational companies who want to have a competitive advantage over other companies in the same industry.

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What is story telling with data?

story telling with dataStory telling with data is a concept that blends raw data and human communication through a compelling narrative that has the element of clarity and ability to persuade an individual. Since data is everywhere, marketers across the globe are compelled to tap into valuable insights through storytelling for purposes of creating meaning out of various data types.

Although story telling with data is considered as one of the most powerful tools that brands use to communicate, it serves little purpose since marketers are less equipped to unearth critical points from raw data. For a particular information or data to be valuable, it has to contain hard evidence through linking cause with the effect and generally have a positive impact on a specific business action.

To be able to understand this point we will have to use and example of data such as ‘Facebook has the highest number of social networking users.‘ The above data is a fact which is proven but the information is not valuable unless the information is used to improve marketing or guide a user on the likely channel that will provide the most engagement.

Linking raw data to valuable information is a challenge among marketers which can be addressed through story telling with data in the form of a compelling narrative or a case study. story telling with data is significant to marketers because it helps them accomplish their objective which is to sell an idea to a particular target market.

story telling with data

Some of the benefits that can be derived from story telling with data include;

  1. It Offers Meaning and Value

Data Storytelling is a powerful communication tool that helps to connect the dots by providing valuable insights through assigning meaning and context of a particular data. A majority of users on the internet are only looking to expand their knowledge for purposes of solving issues that they experience on a daily basis. As a result, data storytelling plays an important role in providing such people with valuable information that helps them to navigate easily. Users can solve their problem only when they find usefulness in a particular data that changes their position from point A to B. Besides, data storytelling helps to improve the decision-making process.

  1. Improves Public Relation

Marketing process is increasingly becoming a competitive affair. Marketers are continuously faced with the challenge of competition which hinders them from standing out. Story telling with data can be a useful tool for marketers who have access to a specific data through using a captivating story to pass out the message in a clear and convincing way that no other competitor has thought of. Data storytelling is slowly becoming a normal trend because it elevates one’s content to a different level that is more appealing to the audience.

  1. Credibility

Some bloggers and marketers are still struggling with credibility where they provide chunks of information to their audiences which have no basis whatsoever. Users of a particular site are inclined to believe in a message that can be backed up by real data such as the use of video or infographic. Evidence-based data is more appealing to the audience as opposed to information based on opinion.

  1. Accomplished Learning

Accomplished learning is a case where the process of learning is considered to have been achieved. Accomplished learning involves appeal, comprehension and retention of specific information. For a message to appeal, it has to use visual aspects such as video, images and infographics. Comprehension depends on the ability of the marketer or blogger to develop a compelling story while retention involves information that can be recalled at a later date. Data storytelling enhances accomplished learning because it is centered on all the aspects involved in a learning process.

  1. Enhanced Engagement

Engagement is improved through data storytelling where the audiences are guided by the narrative to arrive at a specific conclusion or encouraged to explore the data for purposes of making independent conclusions based on their interests.

  1. Versatility

story telling with data is considered as versatile in nature because the information can be stored in various formats such as reports, articles, infographics, videos and presentation. Therefore, easy to exchange and improve the learning process.

There are both internal and external sources of getting data stories for your audiences. The common internal sources of data stories include reporting tools such as Google analytics, customer data, reports and surveys. Among the external data sources for stories include government agencies, research firms and industry publications.

Other things to put into consideration include choosing the right subject, source for credible data, curate impeccable content and most importantly understand the data.

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