Many businesses have ideal solutions for specific problems of their target market. In essence, there is a solution to every problem and a product for every need. However, sometimes marketers are faced with the challenge of reaching out to their potential target market because of different reasons.

A majority of people fail to reach their clients as a result of wrong target market while some businesses lack sufficient funds to promote their businesses to the right target market. If you do not have access to enough funds and you believe your business has identified the correct market, you can always invest your time instead. In this post, you are going to learn cheap, efficient and effective ways of targeting the right clients for your business.

Creative ways to use social media marketing to promote brand

Branding is a way of making your prospective customers recognizes your business. It can be achieved through a logo, customer service, staff uniforms and business cards among other marketing resources. Branding is significant because it creates the value of a business, inspires and helps to acquire new customers easily.

The following ways can help you promote your brand through social media networks with minimal effort on your part.

Promoting your brand through inspiration quotes

Inspiration quotes play a crucial role in our lives especially when people feel discouraged after making attempts to accomplish something. There is always that quote that motivates you to wake up each day and strive to reach some certain goal.

Many people can relate to quotes and that makes them shareable across different social media networks. For this reason, one can always be creative by posting periodic quotes embedded with a link or logo that gets your brand noticed as shown in the image below.

social media marketing

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Promoting your brand through short video clips

Internet marketing gradually evolves from time to time and currently, videos are gold mines for marketers. Multinational companies are heavily investing in video content for commercials since they have a significant impact on consumers purchasing behavior. This videos can be in various forms such as funny clips, animations, how to and guides among many others. Just like the first method all you have to do is ensure you place, your logo, link and even social media profiles.

Promoting your brand using memes

One characteristic feature about memes is that they pass important information in simple and precise ways that can be understood by many people. A typical example of a meme is before/after. This is where you promote a product by informing the potential consumer of the results they expect from using your product. The health and fitness industry uses this aspect frequently to promote weight loss products by showing the consumer the results of using a particular product. You can use this concept and come up with creative ways of developing memes for your target market to effectively promote your brand. Remember, without placing your logo, link or profile amounts to zero work.

Promoting your brand through lifestyle advertising

Lifestyle advertising is a new form of marketing where a marketer promotes products through social proof. The concept simply involves taking photos and videos that create a perception of a successful lifestyle and by doing this you promote your brand along. This method is very effective because it creates a sense of belief. If each day I post content on Instagram about my life, people would want to know what I do and their curiosity will make them want to try out the things or products that i use. Pretty ladies have an advantage since they command huge following and by posting their images people tend to mimic the products they use. There are so many ways you could use this concept to market your brand to your target market.

Promoting your brand using card, brochures and flyers in public places

Starting a conversation with people is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, with printed flyers, cards and brochures you can always be sure that you are passing the message from one person to the other. You can leave your brochures to your local entertainment spot, garage, car wash and when using public service means. These places are frequently visited by a substantial number of people who can share your brand and get your business noticed by interested clients.

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These methods are effective because they are shareable and people share content that they think has value not only to them but other individuals as well.