What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising that rewards marketers for their efforts in bringing new visitors and generating leads to a business.
How affiliate marketing works
Generating leads for various businesses is often a difficult task. For this reason, businesses hire advertising agencies to market their products. The marketing agencies then hire affiliate marketers to promote the products and refer other affiliates. Affiliate marketers earn a commission for every click, sale generated or affiliate referred through a specific link that is provided to every affiliate once they sign up.
All that one is required to do is sign up on a trusted affiliate marketing site and choose the products that they think they can effectively promote and generate leads. Besides, one does not require any marketing skills because almost all affiliate marketing sites will provide proven methods of promoting products and a step by step guide. Those who understand how online marketing works are at an advantage hence easy for them to promote affiliate products.
How to start Affiliate marketingEffective ways of promoting affiliate marketing products.
At a glance, affiliate marketing may seem easy but without proper marketing skills your efforts will be futile and you may end up losing money invested in promotions. Below are some of the best and effective ways of promoting affiliate products.
Google AdWords
Google AdWords is an advertising platform that allows marketers to bid for specific keywords. When a user clicks on an advert by the marketer, AdWords charges the marketer since the marketer stands to benefit from the click or potential lead generated.
To advertise with AdWords, marketers are supposed to open an account with Google AdWords and learn how it works before they can begin to use AdWords to promote their products. However, it is important that you read their policy statement regarding bridge pages policy, mirror pages policy and double serving policy. Alternatively, you can use a landing page or create content that contains affiliate links or products just to be on the safe side of Google. Also, it is important for one to learn keyword research since this marketing concept revolves around keywords.
Facebook Ads/ Pages
One can promote affiliate products through Facebook by creating a page and using this page to promote your affiliate products. Remember, stuffing your pages with products will not help you but rather offering value to your potential target market through data strorytelling examples. Make your readers understand the benefit of a particular product first before they decide to make their purchase. It is always advisable to have landing pages or redirect a user to more information about the products you intend to sell. Learn how to use Facebook page to grow your business
On the other hand, Facebook allows you to create adverts without necessarily having a page. This method requires that you have a link that your potential target market will be redirected to access more information about a particular product. This link could be from your site or a landing page that redirects users to the affiliate site or product.
How to start Affiliate marketingBlogging is one of the best affiliate marketing methods that I recommend to all affiliate marketers. To bloggers, affiliate marketing is the best way that you can monetize your site and earn an income from your blogging efforts. Anyone can start a blog easily in less than 3 minutes.
However, it does not just end there as you are required to manage the blog by posting regular content among other things such as optimizing your site and marketing the blog to grow traffic. After you have grown traffic you can then monetize your site through affiliate marketing and get paid for your efforts.

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The advantage of blogging is that it allows you to target a specific niche market of what your blog is all about. This increases your conversion rate since the audience is targeted. Also, note that you can monetize your blog effectively if there are products related to your niche market.
Social media networks
Social media sites are equally effective in affiliate marketing. In all the methods discussed above you will notice that affiliate marketing requires numbers. Therefore, before you need first to have a social media workflow that will grow your followers. Once your social media profiles have substantial following you can promote affiliate products by first informing the potential audience about the benefits of a particular product. Alternatively, one can maximize the efforts of social media influencers by hiring them to promote your affiliate products.
There are several affiliate marketing networks that are trusted and pay huge commissions to their affiliates.

The following are some of the best affiliate marketing networks in the market.
3.Affiliate by Conversant
4.Amazon associates