psychology logo design

A logo design is the most powerful tool for a designer when promoting a brand. Shapes, color and design of a logo design create a psychological process in the minds of the viewers. The shapes in a logo attribute different emotions, thoughts and perceptions that resonate with the brains of the customers.

The design is not meant to be just designed, rather it is to make people feel the design and associate themselves with it. The selection of colors and shapes in a logo design provoke the desired emotion and responses out of the people.

Bringing out the emotions of the viewers for design is not easy for which professional logo designers are perfectly aware of and use shapes in their design work according to demographics, culture and social preferences.

How We View Logo Shapes?

Shapes are of great importance for a logo design. We remember designs that are distinctive and stays memorable. What makes a great logo design is the efforts and creative mind of logo designers who create a meaningful shape that people remember. Moreover, it is much more than simply recognizing the shape; it is about actually conveying the right message to the viewers.

Look at the below logo design,

psychology logo design

The Mercedes’ Tri-Star represents the company’s dominance over land, sea and air. So, a logo design has an embedded message for its users in just a simple tri star shape.

Why Use Square Logo Design?

Rectangular or square logo design denotes a sense of stability, trust, and balance.

What Straight Lines Logo Designs Tell Us?

psychology logo designBrands use short, precise and straight lines logo shapes to impart efficiency, professionalism, and strength. The brands are making money with their designs, getting themselves memorized with their branding and hitting high.

Why Is Circle The Most Convenient Shape For A Logo Design?

psychology logo designThe circle is the most convenient and common shape in a logo design. It shows a natural sense of unity, perfection, wholeness and completion. Overlapping circles or rings give a sense of harmony, friendliness and stability and being used in famous logo design like Master Card, AT&T and others.

Use Triangle in Your Logo Design to Show Progression

psychology logo designHave a look at the Google Play Store logo design. The rounded triangular corners in the logo design of Google Play Store shows off a friendly and a nice look whereas the single triangle corner portrays a moving forward symbol and a “play” sign. The overall logo design of Google Play reflects the creativity of the logo designer who made up a simple shape say a lot of meaningful messages.

Wrapping It Up,

In total, the shape of a logo design plays a significant part in communicating the idea behind the design to the target people. What is important to understand is the correct use of shape while making a logo design which is beyond the skills of an ordinary man than a professional logo designer. Take it a step further and have a great visual story to tell with your logo design.

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