Getting your brand out there is the most important thing because you want people to know that your product exists. However, marketing is expensive and many great business models fail to reach the right people because their brands are not just accessible or known beyond their circles.

This can be frustrating for most business owners who end up closing the business before they even make a return from it. There are several inexpensive ways that can help you market your brand. If you have already read our shoestring ways of promoting your brand on social media, here is another simple and effective method that has helped many businesses grow their brands.

wifi marketingSo, how do you promote your business using a WiFi hotspot? This concept is simple and all you need to do is rename your WiFi hotspot with your brand. The details you decide to put as the name of your WiFi hotspot depends on the type of business or specific information that you want to put across to your potential target market.

After you have renamed your WiFi hotspot, all you need is to always ensure that your WiFi is on. If you have enough data you can always share with other users and by offering them free access to the internet, people will identify your brand and increase awareness.

Alternatively, if you do not have any data to share among the people who would want to access the internet through your hotspot, just ensure you have a call to action message that will prompt those who want to access to take a specific action such as ‘Dial 645..for marketing services’, “Dial 7283 for Pizza Delivery” or ‘Free beers at Jeff’s between 5 and 6’. This strategy is effective especially for local businesses.

wifi marketingPromoting your business using WiFi marketing is effective because we live in a digital age where internet connectivity is one of the basic needs for everyone who wants to access the internet. Since internet connectivity is expensive, most people depend on WiFi hotspots that are available to perform various functions or communicate through social media channels.



  • Use your smartphones WiFi hotspot when using public transport systems to promote your brand.
  • Use your smartphone and laptop while taking coffee at a local joint or shopping at the mall to promote your brand.
  • Use your home WiFi hotspot to promote your brand to your neighbors.
  • Use your smartphone while enjoying drinks at your local joint among other places.

Feel free to contribute other ways you can use your WiFi hotspot to promote your brand in the comment section.