Myths and legends are a must-have attribute of any culture. Some myths seem to be like real, the others are way off the possibility. Nevertheless, this phenomenon still exists among us up to now.

People have always liked to glorify various heroes, kings, emperors, and events. The ancients preferred to “decorate” those mighty people and events with hyperbolized nuances. I believe you know who Achilles was. Early Greeks created a myth about him underlining his invincibility. But we know the truth. If Achilles was a real person, he could be just a skillful warrior with a perfect reaction, strength and a luck. Nothing more.

Yes, ancient myths could be an interesting topic for discussion. But the modern ones can raise alarm.

Business online is not an exception. Especially, when someone wants to run a personal blog.

And the only cornerstone that might confuse every noob blogger is a particular myth.

In this very post, I would like to represent you 10 myths that hold you back from starting your own blog.

Let’s start.

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  • If You Want to Start Blogging You Must Work Like a Slave

Skimming through different blogs you can notice a huge number of long-form posts. You might think that it is too time-consuming and hard to write on a daily basis. You are right at some point. Frankly speaking, all these doubts are in your head only.

blogging challenge


First of all, it would be inappropriate to compare an art of blogging with something we do every day. It needs your time, inspiration and, of course, a desire to write. You can’t torture yourself spending hours in front of the screen writing a post if you don’t have any ideas. You can’t write if you are not in a right mood. There could be hundreds of “if”… But doing nothing you won’t make progress either.

I highly recommend you to create a schedule for publications. For example, you can spend a few hours for writing per day. Or, if you have a job and you back home tired, try to submit one article in 2 days.

Keep in mind that the process of writing a single post evolves its planning. In other words, you will have to choose the right and relevant topic, create an outline and do a keyword research. This very stage might take a half of a day at least (it depends on your professionalism). Afterwards, writing a long-form piece of content will take the whole day for sure. Plus, don’t forget about a revising work.

As you can see, the task is pretty challenging but it is not a hellish toil.

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  • It Is Senseless to Run a Blog When There Are Thousands of Competitors

I suppose every successful blogger has ever had the same thoughts on his mind. And it is for a good reason. I don’t know how many blogs exist for today but it was about 152 million up to 2013. I am quite sure that the number of blogs grows every day tremendously.

blogging challenge


Despite the fact, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to create your own blog. It won’t be lost among other blogs if you do everything right. I want to persuade you that, even, such blog “monsters” as John Morrow started their blogs from the scratch. Only a hard work and patience could help them reach the top.

You must be self-confident in everything you do. Good things come to those who wait.

  • Your Physical and Financial Efforts Won’t Be Rewarded

Oh, when it comes to money it always seems uncertain. I,personally, know not so many people who are able to invest in a dubious project. Furthermore, even businessmen who have a solid budget try to stay away from the business campaigns they have some doubts about.

blogging challenge


I advise you to remember about the period of time you need to wait until your blog starts to bring you the first income. If you are sure of your strength, you have some spare money, and you are the person who likes gambling, then feel free to launch a blog.

Believe in yourself and in what you do, the Universe will reward you:)

  • You Will Have to Wait Years Before This Activity Starts to Bring You a Revenue

To explode this myth I would like you to reply one question:

“Do representatives of business offline get their first incomes in a few years?”

No, definitely!

blogging challenge


It takes about 5 years to see your business enriches you. But in the online world time runs faster. The more time you devote to writing and publishing high-quality articles, the faster you will see the results you need.

It is not about years at all – you will have to wait one year or less. Again, all depends on your efforts.

  • I Am a Horrible Writer

There is a very little percentage of people who are really talented in writing. The major part of bloggers was horrible writers when they start this kind of activity.

blogging challenge


I am sure it needs some time to gain experience in this craft. Yes, your first 10 or, even, 20 articles won’t be considered seriously by other colleagues and your audience. But with every new article, you will improve a writer’s technique. Must confess that I don’t think that I am a cool writer as well. I’ve already published a bunch of posts on various blogs (some of the blogs are solid as hell) but I am not insured against rejection.

Nevertheless, I never give up and move ahead making my writing skills better and better. So, chin up.

  • It Is All About Writing

Creating a blog is not about writing only. It is a complex work. And if you thought that content writing is the only way to reach out your audience – you are wrong.

blogging challenge


Have you ever heard such a statement “content is king”?

Yes, it is. But producing scholastic articles won’t resonate with the readers for 100% if you don’t include video, images, infographics too. Your content must breathe with life!

Content plays a significant part in building a blog but don’t forget about the other elements. I am talking about a blog design, a proper SEO strategy, and social media promotion.

Spread a word or two about your blog on the web, engage new readers and, of course, produce outstanding content. Furthermore, keep in mind that the process of writing is just a separate screw in the whole mechanism called ‘blog’.

  • Perfectionism Is a Must-Have Option

Yes, there is nothing bad if you want to perform every task ideally. It means you are a responsible person. In terms of blogging this side of your personality might stop the progression of your blog. Simply because a desire to make each article like a masterpiece takes too much time, while you should follow a blogging schedule.

blogging challenge


Let’s face the truth – you are NOT a professional writer. You are an amateur. Your blog is your hobby that might turn into a regular job (in a best-case scenario). Furthermore, you should understand that if you work hard on every single post making it brilliant, you will publish only a few posts per month. In this case, your blog won’t get any recognition. Hence, the amount of posts should be impressive.

By the way, I’ve recollected one of the greatest writers of all times – Ernest Hemingway. Do you know why I thought about him? Because he has always been an advocate of a plain style of writing. Yes, writing topical articles is a whole new ball game but this rule might be applied in this case as well.

Your first aim should be a full concentration on the number of posts (when you have just launched the blog). Afterwards, when you’ll have a solid database of content, you can try to focus on making the posts outstanding.

  • I Need to Build My Personal Credibility Before Introducing My Blog to the World

This myth has some germ of truth. Yes, your blog would be more popular if you were a well-known person in your niche. No doubts. However, why did you decide that you have abilities to be a successful writer? You believe if you are lucky in a particular sphere, you will be able to gain success in everything else?

blogging challenge


Well, it sounds like a nonsense. Furthermore, aren’t you afraid of being deceived by yourself in the end? You imagine the situation when your followers read your blog and understand that you are a horrible writer. They could, even, revise their attitude towards you. So, if you launch the blog being popular, don’t be shy to tell the truth to yourself and accept your week abilities in writing.

From the other hand, without a considered promotion of your blog, you won’t get any popularity as well. Thus, move your blog throughout all possible Social Media channels and forums. If you do some mistakes and your readers notice them, don’t panic. There is nothing wrong if you show yourself a bit awkward in something new for you. It will make you closer to your audience.

I believe you see that the myth is a bit controversial. It has a dual nature. I recommend you to stay open to everything new and never put aside difficulties on your way.

  • I Can Relax Because Great Content Always Attracts the Audience

First of all, you are the only person in the world who likes your own ‘brainchild’. And you hope that your audience will appreciate your work. Honestly speaking, nobody cares about the work you’ve done. Consumers need only the result.

blogging challenge


More importantly, there were not so many professional and niche-oriented blogs back in days. It was enough to put a query in a search console and reap the benefits that were a few. What do we have nowadays then?

A single inquiry might give you thousands of blogs related to your niche that highlight topic you need. And somewhere in between those blogs, you could find your own one. Unfortunately, I must say your audience won’t bother themselves with in search of your blog. They will stop on a bunch of very first blogs Google offers.

It leads to one problem – your content is harder to find. Even if it is the best in the world. It won’t be read by the audience straight away.

Likely, a proper work in Content Marketing direction might turn the tables. You should understand that writing content is the basis.Content Marketing is the tool that helps move the information ahead.

  • Google Doesn’t Keep Company with a Guest Posting

This myth was created accidentally. Let me explain this with a great example. Do you remember when Matt Cutts published the post called “The Decay And Fall Of Guest Blogging For SEO”?

blogging challenge


The article had a mistake. meaning, bloggers thought that guest blogging was no longer useful in terms of building brand awareness, earning traffic, etc. Fortunately, Matt Cutts specified that it was all about SEO and guest blogging is still in demand.

Nevertheless, this awkward situation has overgrown with rumors with time. Writers tried to avoid guest posting for all costs. Since that time this myth has been passing to fresh bloggers from time to time.

Want to calm you. Guest posting has its success and Google doesn’t mind to let things go. But if you are focused on link-building strategy, you might have problems. Please, be careful.

Up to You

I’ve just introduced you 10 the most common myths that “put the fear of God” into bloggers.

I would like to assure you that the myths shouldn’t be the only reason to put an end to blogging. You MUST continue your work writing content, promoting it and engage more and more users.

The myths, actually, help you remember about potential troubles that could happen with you in the art of blogging.

So, please, don’t push the panic button:)

P.S If you found this post useful and interesting, don’t hesitate to comment it and share.

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