Cyber bullyingCyber bullying is on the rise and increasing rapidly like never before. The young teens are the most affected community worldwide. Cyber bullying happens when someone uses technological creatures such as smartphones to send mean, threatening, humiliating and embarrassing text messages, videos or make calls to another person.

Mostly, it could be in the form of email, messages, videos or posts on social media channels. Bullies could be unknown to the target person, which is more dangerous for young teens. People sharing troll messages do not help but fuel the bullying which might end up getting out of control. Normally, the targeted person often thinks that they can get rid of online bullying easily without help.  If someone is bullying a teen at school, after leaving the school it often comes to an end. But on the other hand, online bullying is truly a nightmare for teens and as a result majority of the victims end up running away from school.

Let’s think for a moment, A classmate has shared a teens photo online and on different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Instagram and much other alike. A significant number of people will view that photo and make fun of the targeted victim sometimes without their knowledge. That’s why it is far more dangerous than conventional  bullying.

What should teens do about cyber bullying?

cyber bullyingThe following tips will protect teens from online bullying.

  • Do not at any time share your passwords, personal photos or confidential information such as phone number, your home address or your location online with people that you do not trust.
  • Always think twice before you post something especially when you are sad, depressed, angry and think of the impact your message will have before posting something on all trendy instant messaging applications.
  • Don’t share anything that makes you uncomfortable with anyone knowingly. Always remember what you have shared online because it can be further shared with anyone including your parents and teachers.
  • When you post comments on someone else’s profile think of how you would feel if that comment was directed at you.

What should parent does to deal with cyber bullies?

If your teen tells you everything, then you are in a better position to address such evil. On the other hand, if you realize that your teen is looking depressed, lonely, angry and even full of anxiety along with the change in behavior, the following tips are recommended.

  • Teens should tell each and everything they are suffering from; they will definitely help you out. If teens don’t tell you, one may approach them and ask them in a polite manner so that they may confide and open up.
  • Use technology and keep an eye on your teen’s activities on the internet through their smartphones. You can use cellphone spy app which would be the best tool to know what is happening with your child.
  • Parents can use the IM’s social media of the smartphone tracking software. It allows parents to view all trendy IM’s logs, IM’s chats and conversations and media files which teens share in the form of photos and videos.
  • Parents can record incoming calls with the help of spy or record calls just in case they need to check on what is going on with their children.

Every device allows you to protect your data with passwords and you can use the keylogger of the smartphone monitoring app. It enables parents to see password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Once you have got it, then you will come to know all the rabbit holes and you will get to know the people your teen associate with whenever you are not around them including  what kind of posts they share on social media and what exactly is happening on their digital world.

Parents can also control the smartphone device remotely with the help of spy software. It allows parents to block the internet remotely, block incoming calls, block text messages remotely and parents can view all installed applications on the target cellphone device.

How can teens cooperate with parents to avoid cyber bullying?

Hiding from parents and staying in depression is not a solution. They should share with their parents what they go through in many occasions. Also, they should keep each and everything such as emails, messages, photos, posts, screenshots. Don’t delete the bullying stuff, share with your parents to help them identify the culprit so that they can be found and made to stop. Teens can talk to the teachers at school, counselor, principal and the one who they trust.

The teens can report to relevant authorities in case of harassing comments, fake profiles, and photos. Social networking apps enable a user to report such content and the users can be banned or their accounts closed to prevent them from continuing with such behavior.


Cyber Bullying is very dangerous for young kids and teens. Therefore,  parents need to prevent it from happening by creating awareness and they can put their worries to rest by using the cellphone spy app.

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