E-Commerce Hacks

Starting up an online store is a daunting task for the beginners as it includes several things like hosting service, website design, marketing and managing product and services. Selling online is not a number game, but it requires much effort in creating a web design to fits the need of the customers.

Here are few hacks to make your e-commerce site profitable,

It is About Making People Take Actions,

E-Commerce HacksA user visits your site, look for the product and service but do not have a clear path to the next step is one of the worst experience he gets from your site. A website design must be in a systematic manner with great content and clear site map to create an ease for the users. Using generic call to action buttons damper your site and make it ordinary like for example “buy now” without any special offers to make the purchase is an ineffective call to action button.

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How Can You Improve It?

You should have one CTA on each page with clear instructions that guide the user to take the required actions. Do not confuse the CTA with the value statement or supporting copy that surrounds it. Powerful CTA’s are stand-alone statements that draw clicks and conversions.

Using catching phrases are much better than simple text. For example, instead of just using “Sign up” you can use “Sign up for 30 days free trial”. You need to make an attractive route for the user to take action by using engaging words for your call to action buttons.

Eliminate Unnecessary Pop Ups:

Yes, there is no doubt that pop-ups get you more email sign ups and that is pretty good but are these leads valuable? The online users usually sign in to proceed further on your website and hardly for providing information.

Simplify Your Checkout Process:

E-Commerce Hacks

The more simple your checkout process, the less you annoy your customers. Adding coupons and discount offers are good, and users look out for ways to get the product at a less price but do not make this process lengthy.

Improve The Look Of Your Product:

The better you present your products and services, the better responses you will get. It how well you make your product look. The headlines, titles, and subject lines should speak to a specific audience and the product descriptions must be genuine to build your site’s credibility.

Use of Correct Keywords:

E-Commerce Hacks

Research about the keywords and terms that your prospects use to search the items and use those words in the product descriptions to make your site available to the customers search queries and also make it rank well on the search engines.

Add Incentives with Your Email Campaigns:

You have a list of the customers for your email marketing platforms. It is not just about sending the emails because many of them do not even read the emails properly and not returning to make a purchase. Add incentives and special offers to encourage them to purchase now. It could be coupons, loyalty points, discounts on first purchases or gifts. It will increase the likelihood to get more conversions on your site.

Add Testimonials:

Loyalty is a product of a remarkable customer experience and a critical component of customer experience is relevant and must be a personalized communication. Adding up customer’s testimonials and experiences on your site build customers’ trust for your site which in turn increases the conversion rate of your website.

Time to Get Started

Your loyal customers help to send the right message to your new customers, automate your marketing activities and increase your revenue. You can also review your visitor’s behavior on your site and use the data to improve your site’s structure to get more traffic

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Carissa Melvin, a content marketing expert who helps brands increase their online visibility. She works with a design company where she handles content and digital marketing for all the brands of her workplace.