Using certain built-in features on Windows system you can recover deleted files in windows 10 data instantly and efficiently. These features are helpful to recover data quickly in few simple steps. You can recover any type of data using these features. Apart from them, you can use third-party data recovery software tools for efficient results. Let’s discuss ways on How to recover deleted files in windows 10.

Check Recycle Bin: This should be the first place you should look for when you are trying to recover lost or deleted file on your windows system. Ideally, when you delete any file on your system, it doesn’t get erased permanently instead it is marked as “Deleted” in your system’s File Allocation Table (FAT) and Master File Table (MFT). Your system completes this process automatically. Thus, deleted files remain in your system but it will not be visible to you in the folder it used to be.

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To access deleted files, you should check your system recycle bin first, to get back the files. Further, you can recover files easily from recycle bin when you haven’t over written it with other data. You can find deleted or lost files easily from recycle bin unless you have not emptied it. To recover files from recycle bin, go to system recycle bin, sift through the files to find the file you want to recover, right-click on it and select restore.

Recover lost or deleted files: Next step should be to get your lost data back using backup method. If you have used traditional method of taking backup of your data using built-in utility on Windows (Windows Backup) then you can easily restore files from your backup. To restore files from a backup, go to Start menu > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore. Now tap on “Restore my files” option and follow the further steps in the wizard.

how to recover deleted files in windows 10

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Restore from Previous Version: You can set Windows to create restore points on your system when you download new program, troubleshoot system or on regular time intervals. Previous Versions created by Windows are copies of your existing files & folders on your system that are created automatically by Windows as a part of a restore point. These are also referred as Shadow Copies. To restore lost or deleted files & folders or restore file & folders to a previous state, follow these steps.

how to recover deleted files in windows 10

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To restore a deleted file or folder, go to Start menu > Computer and go to the folder that contained a deleted or lost file. Right-click on it and select “Restore Previous Versions” option. Here, you will find list of all available previous versions of different file & folders on your system. It will include files from backup and restore points.

  • Double-click on the previous version of the folder where that file or folder exists which you want to recover.
  • Now select and drag the file or folder which you wish to restore to another location, for example, another folder or desktop.

To restore a file or folder to a previous state, right-click the file or folder and tap on “Restore Previous Versions” option.

  • Select the previous version of file and tap Open to make sure it is the same version you are looking for.
  • Now select the previous version and tap on “Restore” option.

How to recover deleted files in windows 10: If you are on Windows 10 and trying to recover lost or deleted files, you can do it using built-in feature called File History. To do this, follow these steps.

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  • Select and open the folder which originally contains the deleted or lost file.
  • Tap on History button. It will open all files contained in the recent backup of that folder.
  • Tap on previous button to select and locate the file that you wish to recover.
  • Tap on green Restore button to instantly recover the file or folder.

Conclusion: Windows offers various useful built-in features to help you recover your lost or deleted data easily. Using these built-in features, you can instantly recover your lost data following few simple steps. Alternatively, you can use data recovery software tools as well for instant and effective results. These tools work on advanced techniques to help you on how to recover deleted files in windows 10.

Summary: Windows offers many built-in features to help you find and recover lost or deleted data effectively. Let’s discuss some of these features in detail in this article.

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