Blogging professionals have come to rely on social media apps for their livelihoods — indeed, their livelihoods couldn’t exist without them. Through the use of social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter, bloggers from around the world have the ability to connect with one another and build their brands. No blogging professional worth his or her salt does anything without these apps, which is why being aware of app security is something that all bloggers must do.

Computer security threats and solutionsWith so many social media apps out there and so many people using them, the opportunities have never been greater for hackers to take advantage of any flaws in those apps. Even the most sophisticated app still may have flaws that hackers can exploit for their own ends. When these hackers find any weak spots or chinks in the armor of an app, they can turn those social networks against their users, stealing their sensitive information, exposing them to malicious software, and hijacking their online identities.

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Although large social media companies spend upward of $1.8 million each year on mobile app security, hackers continue to find new ways to break into apps and put users at risk. That’s why it’s important for blogging professionals to be aware of the most common types Computer security threats and solutions.

Computer security threats and solutionsFor example, one of the most common threats to mobile apps is the Denial of Service attack (DoS). This is what happens when a hacker bombards an app with a deluge of access requests or random characters. Overwhelmed by the activity, the app can grind to a halt. Although this type of attack is nothing more than brute force and doesn’t result in a data breach, it can disable a mobile app or cloud-based application and leave a business’s functionality crippled. Another common type of security threat for apps is the cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability, which allows a hacker to essentially rewrite the functionality of an app and force it to do something it wasn’t created to do.

Although the idea of social media apps being vulnerable to these and other attacks from hackers may seem frightening to blogging professionals who rely on them, a little education can be the cure. Knowing more about these types of attacks can mean the difference between a security threat being a momentary annoyance and a major catastrophe. The following slideshow goes into more detail about these common security threats, so you can remain vigilant.

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Author bio: Nori De Jesus is Global Director of Marketing at Column Information Security. De Jesus brings more than 20 years of experience as an advent marketer and business strategist working with software manufacturers and launching proprietary software solutions into the market. With expertise in BPM and case management B2B marketing, she focuses on innovation and making a difference by maintaining agility as the technology climate continues to shift. De Jesus is an evangelist in educating buyers through their technology-purchasing journey via content and research.