The process of recruiting employees can prove to be quite long and arduous for a company’s HR department. One way of making the process more efficient is the use of an applicant tracking system.

What is an ATS?

atsAn ATS is a software application which can be used to handle the process of recruitment. It performs functions like sorting resumes, and determining the candidates best-suited for a position. An ATS operates by looking for relevant keywords and criteria in a resume, before giving it a low rank or rejecting it. In case you are wondering if you really need an ATS, here are some reasons to prove why you do.

20 undeniable benefits of an applicant tracking system

1) Automation: The automation of processes makes them faster, convenient, and error-free. Every company wants its business to run efficiently, without any snags. An ATS can automate and fasten the process of recruitment in your company, eliminating chances of errors and wastage of resources.

2) Streamlining the application process: No person belonging to the HR wants to go through the long lists of names, contact details, and addresses among many others. The tediousness of the task and the lack of interest in the employees could result in inefficient performance. An ATS can help in streamlining the application process through a single database which can be used to find the ideal candidate(s).

3) Big companies use it: Big companies use applicant tracking systems for recruitment to make the process faster, without compromising on the quality of candidates. Big companies maintain their top positions due to the quality of work that their employees perform, proving that ATS assists in finding the best candidates.

4) Time is valuable: For an organization, time is of great value. An ATS helps in saving time by presenting the best candidates to the recruiters in a short time, who can then contact and possibly hire the candidates. Taking a long time to get back to the candidates may also lead to losing worthy candidates as they may choose another opportunity in that duration.

5) Money is extremely important: Using an ATS can save you personnel costs as the number of people required for manual work reduces. There is also a decrease of paid advertisements as an ATS can be used to post advertisements about job openings on social platforms and the likes. Every company wants to do as much cost-cutting as possible to save resources, and an ATS is an effective tool for saving money.

6) Suitable for every company size: You may think that you do not need an ATS because your company is small or medium, but this is not true. An ATS can be used by a company of any size, without compromising on the company’s financial resources. Small and mid-sized companies, like big companies, can also save money by using applicant tracking systems for their hiring processes as the number of people required for manual work decreases.

ats7) Enhanced filtering capabilities: ATS sort through thousands of resumes and put those candidates at the forefront which have relevant work experience, qualifications, and so on. The recruiters are able to save time and money through the fastened process, thereby enhancing the company’s productivity.

8) Skills which match expertise: Every company wants the best candidates as its employees. An ATS can aid the company in achieving this by presenting the most qualified candidates who are ideal for the position. ATS can reach wider candidate pools and provide better candidates.

9) Enhanced employee retention: No company wants to hire employees who bring the risk of resigning at an unlikely time. With the help of ATS, companies can find candidates who are most suited for the job, and whose work will produce results that match your expectations. Such candidates are also the ones who will be satisfied with the outcome and will work efficiently. These factors improve the chances of the employee working for the company for a long time.

10) Better follow through: Many candidates leave an application halfway through if it is not mobile-friendly. As most of the applicant tracking systems are mobile-friendly, the number of candidates who follow through with the application process increases. Better number of candidates improves the likelihood of finding the ideal candidate.

11) Wider reach: A large number of the ATS communicate with top job websites, which widens the reach of the company’s job postings. The greater the reach is, the better the chances of finding the best-suited candidate(s).

12) An all-encompassing platform: Using an ATS can eliminate the need of using multiple tools for different functions, which can otherwise prove to be time-taking and expensive. Applicant tracking systems are capable of performing various functions such as sorting resumes, posting job announcements, sending automated emails, and so on through a single platform.

13) Simpler job announcements: ATS can be employed to post about job openings using the single click of a button. The announcements are posted on various social platforms such as LinkedIn, and the likes at once.

ats14) Effortless transferring of information: ATS helps the recruiters in transferring the information of the selected candidates into new employee files with ease, without having to make dual entries. The time saved can be utilized by the recruiters to focus on more important tasks like conducting trainings.

15) Building a pipeline: ATS store the information of all the candidates, irrespective of whether they are selected or not. Having a database with details of such candidates provides the company the ability to quickly find candidates for future openings, thereby saving time.

16) Compliance: Most ATS provide recruiters the facility to stay up-to-date with the latest hiring laws. They can then carry out the process based on these laws, and ensure that the candidates hired comply with the laws. The chances of discriminatory practices which may be possible during manual processes are eliminated through the use of an ATS.

17) Prevention of lawsuits: The utilization of an ATS prevents candidate’s accusations of being discriminated against by the company as digital means do not discriminate. Candidates cannot file lawsuits against the company, which is beneficial to the company as lawsuits drain its resources, and also mar its reputation. No company wants to be involved in a lawsuit as it can result in losses, which is why using an ATS can be helpful.

18) Better decision-making: ATS can provide quality metrics and intelligence which can be used to determine the best candidate. Hiring the best candidate is beneficial for the company, making the use of an ATS important.

19) Pinpoint the source of best results: An ATS can help you know the source from where you are deriving the best results of your candidate search. The company’s resources can then be focused upon that source to improve the company’s performance by hiring the best candidates.

ats20) Boosting the company’s reputation: A company which has quick and efficient hiring processes has a good image. The utilization of an ATS helps in improving this image of the company, thereby boosting the company’s performance and productivity.

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