Are you interested in starting an entertainment blog site? Kazeem James of Stallion Group shares with us a guide on how you can start a professional entertainment blog.

As with any other type of blog, starting one takes much hard work. You need to prepare and invest time, money and effort to see this through.

Entertainment blog sites are in a lucrative niche which is why people would want to start one. Launching a successful entertainment blog can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

James reminds us that to succeed you must work hard, invest money and be willing to succeed whatever it takes.

entertainment blog sitesFollow these steps to start writing your entertainment blog:



The first step is to get a domain name that sounds entertaining. Take a look at the significant entertainment websites and blogs like TMZ, Eonline, IMDB and Perez Hilton. You will immediately notice a trend with their names. The names are concise, uncommon, classy and sexy.

You should pick a name that will become your brand. A domain name can be a branding tool, and it is essential that you select the right one and see if it is still available. If you come up with a great brand name, but the domain is not available, you can try to add a few words that still contain your main brand in it.

Start listing down potential names for your domain and search for it at once. Grab it if you see that it is still available. Hundreds of users are also looking for domain names so delay can cause a setback for you

entertainment blog sites

  • Find a reliable and reputable web hosting


The next step is to get a reliable web hosting company. Choose a provider that can accommodate your domain name and content. One of the best hosting providers that is reliable and affordable is Bluehost.


  • Give Your Website Outlook with Good Preference


It’s now time to install a content management system, and WordPress is the best one you can find. If you have chosen Bluehost for hosting, there is a logo that you can click to install WordPress for you automatically.

Once you have installed WordPress, you can now pick a theme for your website. There are free themes and paid themes that you can choose as your theme.

entertainment blog sites

  • Post your Content and Promote

You are now ready to post content and promote your website. Hiring freelance writers to write content for you will help in getting content out on a regular basis. Daily postings can boost your blogsite rankings compared to posting two times a week. Go for material that is rich in images and videos. Readers don’t read that much anymore; they prefer to watch videos.

You should also make a budget for paid social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. Build your audience by boosting posts and hit 100k likes on your page, duplicate this on Twitter or you can also share it to your press release newswire channel.

Be creative and try to be a step ahead of the rest by publishing content that is fresh and unique. Don’t just rely on breaking news stories that almost everyone else is sure to post but go the extra mile for content. Interview people, do surveys, launch contests, etc.

Choose a website design that makes it easy for visitors to share your content. Shares give you added exposure for free which is why you would love to get more shares for your posts.

entertainment blog sites

  • Grow Your Network Channels


Joining Entertainment New Media Network is also a good idea because they can help in connecting you with Hollywood and a community of entertainment bloggers who share each other’s work. They connect people by coming up with junkets, tickets, passes, and interviews.

Following people that you intend to write about is another tactic to promote your entertainment blog. Whenever you publish content about a celebrity, tag them or tweet them plus their agent, studio, agency, publishing house, etc.

If you write good stuff, you will eventually get noticed.


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