Keeping It Scalable / Preparing For Rapid Growth

The journey of customer support is restricted to a few processes and people for reaching a resolution for a small business. However, there is a change in the story when one is discussing a scalable business. Firstly, the business now has to hire a manager for each department. Plus, the task, which used to be completed by a team with a few members, now has to be done by many,

Entrepreneurs have to spend a lot of resources and time to build a sturdy and scalable strategy for effective customer service to create a brand that is sustainable and profitable both,

scaling strategyIn order to offer a positive and fabulous customer experience check out these key steps needed to be taken up by a scalable business:

  1. The perfect platform for helpdesk has to be found

After an entrepreneur ensures a thorough audit of their customer service efforts, they need to start embracing a helpdesk solution in case they have not done it yet. If they have done so, it is the right time for refreshing things or searches for new platforms when things are not scaling up as fast as the entrepreneur hoped. When a business embraces a proper help desk solution, they can start centralizing their communications through channels like social media, chat, and email.

  1. Provide customer service through multiple channels

The best technique to keep your customer happy and satisfied by offering multiple access channels 24X7. Today, the availability of sophisticated tools have made it possible to offer customer service consistently without opting for keeping their customer service agents up always or outsourcing their live support. Here are the minimum basis support platforms using multiple channels:

  • FAQ and knowledge base
  • CRM or helpdesk
  • Interactive troubleshooters
  • Phone number
  • Support for live chat

Channels like troubleshooters, FAQs, and knowledge bases can help customers by giving access to many solutions and answers while your customer service representatives are not online.

A great example in this context is that of Applian Technologies. The company deployed an interactive support solution, which led to a 20 percent reduction in their cost of customer support. The company claims that the initiative also led to a massive decline in the overall volume of helpdesk ticketing that moved back-and-forth.

  1. Your support agents should be trained early and frequently

Onboarding your new customer service representatives and then training and subsequently retraining them is a true hallmark of a business that really appreciates ways in which the knowledge of their staffs can affect motivation, customer satisfaction, and performance. Since today’s customers enjoy greater empowerment to buy how, where and when they opt for, your agents should also enjoy a similar stature. When they are trained, they should also be made to go through a proper tutorial on when and how to go beyond and above their consumers.

Similar to interactive knowledgebase, interactive training sessions are the perfect means to share crucial information. When your agents go through online training programs that is based on standards-and-scenarios, your support personnel are able to continue with their training in a simple-to-grasp format that has complete information on various important facets of your business, which they might have to know.

  1. It is important to keep analyzing the reports

dataNo one will debate that the data and figures surrounding your customer support strategy would not give incorrect information. Deploy your CRM tool so that you can easily generate the automated reports, which are based on important indicators and statistics that should be kept track of consistently. The reports should also be generated based on your social media data if you are using them for communicating with your customers. Analyzing and aggregating this data can be helpful for you scaling business to improve consistently, prove to your board of directors that the new strategy is working, and identify the trouble spots or bottlenecks.

Customizing your business processes can also be helpful while you are scaling your business in the following ways:

  1. An increasing volume of messages from your customers need to be handled

As your business grows, you need to manage an increasing variety of customers. There will be some new customers in your system that will typically require hand-holding. At the same time, there will be old customers who may message you from time to time There could be a third category who will contact you for their urgent matters. The queues should be prioritized based on the type of issues, customer start date, or urgency. The helpdesk ticketing process should be routed appropriately. Such as your newer customers can be routed to the onboarding specialists while urgent customer issues can be diverted to more experienced customer representatives.

  1. Assure consistency and quality

The role of quality assurance starts after ensuring the fact what with better performance metrics, there are better results that should be monitored prior to things going wrong. Make sure that you never forget certain important customer-related tasks. Send an alert to your entire team for all those helpdesk tickets, which does not meet your private SLA.