How To Design Sales Process In 2019

Sales process is the set of steps followed by sales team to convert opportunities in sales. These steps are mostly repeatable in nature. Designing and executing an effective sales process is the main task to be done by sales team while preparing sales strategy. If this step is undertaken properly, it can bring positive outcomes for the company.

Sales process 2019The various steps of sales process are as follows:

  • Finding prospective client
  • Approaching the customer
  • Presentation
  • Addressing the query
  • Closing up the deal
  • Doing follow up (CRM)

While building a sales process, it is essential to ask a question that what you want to achieve? What is the ultimate goal of the company?

An effective sales process is one which answers the above question. The sales process of the company should be designed keeping in mind the goal of the company. Sales process should be revised from time to time in order to keep up with the change of changing environment.

Including technology in sales process will be the thing of 2019. Making use of CRM software, free CRM service and sales CRM (customer relationship management by sales team) has now been in place from long. Now just automated calls and customer support is not enough, but there is need to go a step further like: –

  • Automated order booking
  • Automated mail of dispatch details
  • Automated rejection note processing, & even
  • Automated claim settlement process.

All these process should not take months to work on, but just few hours to few weeks. This should be the future of sales process. Customer’s waiting time should be narrowed down to almost nil. As in today’s world no one have time to wait; and prompt response is what customer needs. Don’t just sell products; sell full bouquet of services along with the main product. Always try to provide something extra at same cost, but not at the price of profit.

sales process 2019Just seeking out customers and getting orders is old definition of sales. Now in future even after getting orders you can’t just forget customers. It is required to see the customers with same enthusiasm and zeal; to listen and cater all the needs of the customers. Sales were seen as a job but it will become art of building relation in future. If you will work in sales department as an employee then you will never succeed in future, rather you will have to act as a near and dear one and listen to all needs of customers.

Saying NO to customer was seen as negative point in sales department but in future as customer is getting greedy and impatient every person in sales department should learn to say NO to customer in a way that relationship is not affected and you can deny to what you can’t offer. This is because saying YES to every demand of customer is not what you are there for. Although sales is becoming customer centric, but then also need to say NO is increasing. This is because everyone knows that business can’t provide everything which customer demand, so saying no to customer is what sales person should learn. This will prevent the image of business from being hampered.

Using social media in sales process will be need of future. As in world every person has started using social media in one or the other way. So it becomes a necessity to capture and cater customer using social media channels.

Sales Process 2019Now to go one step further, companies started making use of Artificial Intelligence. Many companies already started replacing humans with robots to enhance the speed of product delivery and to ensure that task is done with zero or negligible error. This helps in enhancing customer experience. Moreover, companies started putting in place chat bots in order to provide 24×7 customers chat service; but with limited pre-entered chat queries. So in 2019, all the companies should take efforts to start using chat bots and should work on increasing the input in chat bots so that they can address any query without issues.

Also, it’s high time that all the teams of company – marketing, finance, sales, and operation should understand the need of inter-departmental alignment. They should work in co-ordination with each other. Even while setting target, they should consult each other and keep the ultimate goal of the organization.

Companies need to put in place the system where they need not guess the reason for sales figures. They should start analyzing the activities undertaken by sales representatives and time devoted for different activities. This will enable a company to know where the focus of sales representatives is and where their efforts are being put up. After analyzing, company can take necessary steps to increase the productivity.

Companies should start doing content marketing. In content marketing, all the information that directly or indirectly can affect the decision making ability of the buyer is made available to the customer online. This saves the time of the buyer as there is minimal need to contact sales representative for asking queries. Customer can go to the website and find all necessary information at by own. Also, this will save the cost of company as it can reduce the number of sales representative in the company. Instead it can hire a content writer who can keep updating the content of website from time-to-time.

All these will not only help company in enhancing customer experience but will also help by saving cost of the company.

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Apoorv Bhatnagar

Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.