Delivering Amazing Customer Support Over Social Media

Social media customer service is a scheme of providing customer support through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. By using social sharing,  brands build their image and demonstrate who they are and what they stand for. Social media is a critical marketing tool. Aside from posting photos or status updates, using social media for customer service can elevate your business to the next level.

Some best practices that your social media customer service needs to follow to take it to the next level:

social media customer supportBuilding better relationships with your customers through social support can add up to huge wins when it comes to increasing customer lifetime value. Exceeding expectations may be easier than you think. Treat customers like real people and genuinely care about their issues (like fixing them) and you can majorly wow them. However, there is one important difference that must be taken into account: in general, social media customer service will often take place in public or near-public environments. Extra care must be taken because these interactions can be broadcast to a customer’s friends and followers, and possible their friends and followers.

There are multiple social media platforms to enhance your business like publicizing and connecting with more networks. One should know how to evaluate and decide. To name some social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are a huge platform to connect with different professionals as well as organizations, market your strategy and taking opinions of your peers.

social media customer supportMore and more, social media is becoming the first place customers turn when they want to connect with brands. Sprout Social shared some interesting stats and facts that make the case. Ninety percent of people surveyed have used social media in some way to communicate directly with a brand. Time and again you need to rethink the channels that your company is focusing on, you need to prioritize them to match your customers’ preferences.

There are many conversations happening on social media channels that don’t mention your brand by name, but tie into your industry. Look for opportunities to interact with followers who might not mention you directly but would welcome your input and benefit from you, being part of their conversation.

Customers’ value their time, so if you are going to make them wait, let them know how long the wait will be. The best companies respond in minutes. Customer feedback (both good and bad) is valuable data. You can use that data to improve your product and your customer experience – for all customers.

social media customer supportCustomer wants and expects a brand to reply to their social rant or complaint, but what they don’t expect is for the brand to go the extra mile. For example, an airline could respond to a passenger and include a drink coupon. Just a little something extra, even if it’s just a follow up, is unexpected and appreciated.

By delivering great support on the social platforms that your customers visit frequently, you can build stronger relationships with them and in turn, create more loyal customers.

Ultimately, loyal customers are the easiest way to nurture your business in the long-term, and the only way to execute successful social media marketing.