5 Reasons Why Use Help Desk Software on Your Website

Help Desk SoftwareThese days it is essential for every business to focus on providing top-of-the-line customer support to every customer that runs into a problem. New customer support with free help desk ticketing system have made lightning-fast response times possible. You should be quickly able to respond and rectify any potential issues that you could run into.

What is a help desk software?

Help desk or service desk is a one-point of contact which provides centralized information and support management service to handle a company’s internal or external queries. A help desk software enables the companies to resolve customer grievances quickly and efficiently by simply automating complaint resolution process with ticket management.


Help Desk Software Help desk software can be categorized by their deployment, the size of the business, and the customer support function.

  • Web Help desk: This refers to a cloud-hosted or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) wherein the company can rent the solution on a subscription basis. This saves on the cost as well as it is easier to scale up.
  • On-premise Help desk: When the company owns and hosts the system and has complete control over the help desk, it is called the On-premise help desk. The company is solely responsible for its maintenance and functioning.
  • Enterprise Help desk: This help desk doesn’t just have the standard help desk features but goes beyond. It involves addressing customer queries and faster resolution rates. It also includes features improving overall company efficiency.
  • Open Source Help desk: With an open source help desk, the developers do not require user licenses or permissions to access the source codes. This reduces the dependencies and makes it easier to modify and enhance it anytime.

Here are 5 reasons why web-based help desk software solution is ideal for your company.

1. Handle all customer support channels efficiently: You need a system to keep tab of calls, emails, chat requests and social network queries you receive every day. Help desk software automates the mundane processes like receiving calls, emails, or chats, and lining them either on FIFO (first-in-first-out) scenario or case-to-case scenario.

 The system also organizes a multi-tiered customer query handling. Basic questions are assigned to the frontline, while more specific or technical queries are forwarded at once to the right department. Moreover, complicated questions or complaints can alert the team leader or manager for a quick response. You can also create a knowledge base site for recurring queries to save your frontline from answering repetitive questions and time-consuming calls.

 2. All-round technical response: Most of the help desk software products these days are cloud hosted or online and can work via a mobile platform (app-based), it is easy to provide an all-round technical-support. You can technically provide a 24/7 help desk access to customers even if you deliver a scheduled response. Customers are willing to wait if they are informed that their query has been acknowledged and ticketed for a later response. Help desk software also provides non-technical benefits, critical for the growth of your business.

 3. Increased oversight from management: Help desk uses a ticketing system to track conversations between customers and your customer service agents. This system allows you to clearly track issues which are unaddressed or delayed and the employee responsible for the bottleneck. When it is not a human error, the bottleneck can be in the process itself, such as, allowing an open-ended conversation between customers and agents instead of following a sequential process. Help desk software record these conversations, which can unearth the problematic pattern, removing bottlenecks.

 4. Measure your customer service performance metrics: This is one of the best reasons for you to buy a help desk software. While doing a comparison review of the best help desk software, look for the reporting and optimization feature. This feature collates various data across the customer service pipeline. It allows you to measure important areas, such as response time, resolution rate, and turnaround time, enabling you to improve your customer service’ cost-efficiency. You can even sort the queries based on various factors like degree of urgency or severity, customer type, location, time and season. Help desk software makes this next to impossible process of measuring these metrics through its automated process.

 5. Increased customer satisfaction and retention: It is the ultimate goal of help desk to make customers happy and satisfied. In many cases, customers don’t get angry because they do not get the right answer, but because they feel unappreciated, ignored or taken for granted. This happens especially after sales when the query is still unattended. Especially, when simple cases like retrieving a log-in password can escalate into a crisis if the customer’s request is left unresolved. Help desk software facilitates you to respond fast; thus, creating confidence in customers that they are important to you. Happy customers mean that they will stay loyal to you forever. This, in turn, decreases your customer churn.

Help Desk SoftwareThere are many help desk solutions available in the market. A web-based help desk software solution provides too much flexibility to overlook. The ability to track the efforts of individual support agents and make smart decisions rapidly improve your customer support efforts. Choose the right help desk support software for your business.