4 Ranking Signals you need to Optimize for in 2019


4 Ranking Signals you need to Optimize for in 2019The Ranking Signals in Search engine Optimization determines the position at which that particular webpage/website will be displayed when a term related to that web page content is searched in the engine by the user. Then content, number of times the searched word or words relating to the searched words are presented in the content of that web page, play an important role in determining the rank of that page. For example – A cooking web site contains a page on a dish which is cooked on a grill. Meanwhile, a user searches the term grilled sandwich. The term is present in the article posted on the web page, but this web page will be listed far lower on the list of websites which are shown to the user, since the content on this website would be irrelevant to the user.

This ensures that the user finds exactly what he is looking for in the shortest amount of time. This page ranking system or page conversion rate technique was first introduced by the Google search engine. It was radical at the time, which propelled Google’s search engine to become the most widely used search engines in the world. Page ranking signals are the backbone of every search engine in the modern world. They help in optimizing the searches of the user and getting fast and effective service.

Content is a major factor which determines the ranking signal, But user signals, the amount of time a user spends on that particular web page, Technical implementation and backlink profiles are also taken into account. The following are the most important ranking factors which affect ranking signals:

  1. User Experience

The first and foremost, User Experience will ultimately be the biggest ranking factor which will increase the ranking signal of any particular website. Also, the average time spent by the user on the website is taken into account here.

  1. Device Acceptability

In the previous point, I just mentioned the abundance of types of devices available in today’s market. So it would be too silly to eliminate a particular contingent of users if they cannot access the search engine.

  1. URL

The URL must be easily accessible to ensure a better ranking signal.

  1. Page Speed

We live in a world where there are more these of devices which can access the internet than there are days in a week. So it is absolutely vital to ensure that the page speed is well beyond the satisfactory level for any type of device.

Now that we know about the factors which affect ranking signals lets see how we can optimize the ranking signals of any particular website and work on improving the ranking signal. Let’s break this down into a simple vocabulary, every website is selling the content they publish on their website and every user is buying the content every time he visits that specific website. So in simple sales terms, the most essential thing to do is understanding your customers.

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Let’s understand what they want and provide them with the contents/articles based on that. Once any person understands the language spoken by their potential customers it becomes surprisingly easy to convert potential customers into actual customers. The next thing to keep in mind is that the content which is going to be published needs to be the best, it’s absolutely 100% needs to be the best article on that topic out there. This includes the heading through the introduction to the conclusion. Also, using multiple ways to answer a particular question would surely increase the size of the content, but it would also increase the level of understanding of the user which would, in turn, be the reason the same user’s repeated visits. Broadening the scope of the content would help too. Interactive videos or animations depicting the concept which took a few hundred words to explain makes it a thousand times easier for the user to remember. A user who would remember a unique way of remembering something will then come back more times to read the same article or content related to that article. Another thing in the modern world, people fail to understand is that creating something is not where the journey ends, promoting and marketing is equally important, in some cases even more important than creating something.

Social Media can be a free tool and an absolute boon to massively improve ranking signals of any website. Building customer trust, building business relations, monitoring search patterns, is only some of the basic ways to use social media. Grammar is another avenue which any content publishing website needs to monitor. Grammatical mistakes would surely decrease your ranking signal and not even mentioning the added workload.

The last major factor which would help optimize ranking signals is keywords. They were the original basis on which websites were ranked, and these methods is not going away any time soon. So it is safe to say that the keywords used in the title or start of the article would result in a higher ranking signal. But also, ensure that there is no overuse of keywords. The search engines understood this concept and evolved to look  through it long back.

Ranking signals are the base on which all search engines work. So it would be advisable to follow the above-mentioned methods and tips to understand the concept of ranking signals and improve the websites ranking signals. Also, knowing how search engines work and the algorithms the work on will give a better understanding of the concept and would empower us to significantly improve the ranking signals of any website.

2018 was a year through which we got to know and understand the ranking signals and how search engines work a little more. Now the year is 2019, the search engines have improved their algorithms and enhanced themselves. We need to start with the basics and slowly climb our way to the top.

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