10 Ways To Improve The Customer Experience


Customer is the king. He is the one who decides the level of your business and has the power to make it a success or failure. So, providing excellent customer experience is the key to success. But, it is not easy with diverse set of customers. What is right for the one can be wrong for the other. Every customer expects a personalized, timely and effective service at every point of time.

Exceptional customer engagement increases customer loyalty. Along with that, it leads to positive word of mouth publicity which can improve brand image and thus revenues of the company.

Now what should a company do to improve the customer service? The answer is that there is no single sure shot answer. Reason being companies have many customers who differs in age, gender and demographic factors. Thus, there choices and preferences differs too.       But there can be ways which can be put to practice by the companies on regular basis to enhance customer experience.

customer experience

The ways to provide better customer experience are as follows:

  1. Make a clear customer experience vision and mission: It is pre-dominant to have clear customer experience vision and mission, without which it is not possible to give them good experience. It must be clearly stated what a company aims to provide to customer. This will help in formulating strategies.
  2. Be proactive: Do not just be active but be proactive. Company cannot succeed by just providing customers’ with what they demand. In order to succeed and to have a competitive advantage in the industry, it is must that try to anticipate future and find out what customer may demand in future and make product and services accordingly.
  3. Do not say No straightaway: There comes the situation when company may not be able to fulfill customers’ request or meet customers’ demand. But, that does not mean that customer support representative say straight No to them. They must request to provide some time from customer, consult to management. If nothing can be done then deny to customer in positive manner. Apologize to him and help him by providing alternate solution. This will prevent customer dissatisfaction.
  4. Listen to them, try to understand their feelings: When members of customer support get a chance to interact with customer, they must listen to them. They must make all the efforts to understand and find out what customer may not put into words. This will help in improving experience of customer. They will feel that they are part of the company and given due importance.
  5. Do not follow push marketing strategy: Do not just design the product/service and take steps to create needs of the same in the mind of the customers. Instead, find out before as what they require and serve them with their exact requirements so as to make them happy.
  6. customer experienceUpgrade technology: In the era of technological advancement, it is very necessary for the company to upgrade the technology. Provide customer access to various platforms, with the use of which he can easily get in touch with company. Example – missed call facility, any time chat assistance, app facility for smartphone users. Now, researches are going on to bring in place Artificial Intelligence, like use of robots and chat bots and further enhance customer experience. Also, develop and put in place software like customer experience management software – to record customer interactions, make use of Management Information System (MIS) to record data like details of customers, their purchases, use real time system, etc.
  7. Gather the data and make use of it: Analyze the data collected with the help of various softwares. This will enable company to find out its strengths and weaknesses. Prompt action can be taken to overcome the weaknesses.
  8. Reward the loyal customers of the company: Make customer feel that they are important for the company. Design various schemes for customers who are engaged with the company from long time. Example – give membership cards, discounted holiday packages, etc.
  9. Take regular feedback and request them to provide suggestions: Customer should be contacted not just in pre-purchase stage, but in post-purchase stage also. They should be contacted for feedback and request them to share their experience. Find out the level of their satisfaction in quantitative terms and ask them where the shortfall is, and use this data for improvisation. Support member can request the customer to provide suggestions to improve the experience.
  10.  Provide a place to customer support team members’ at “Adult” table: Support team members are the ones who knows about customers’ feelings. They should be given place at upper level, their suggestions should be taken seriously and should be implemented, if found correct, so as to better serve the customers.

Company must understand that emotions play a major role in a human’s life. It must try to connect with customer emotionally and make sure that at any point of time, emotions of customer should be hurt. Company must understand that to save the cost, it is necessary to retain existing customers. This is because it is not easy to acquire new customer every time. It involves cost and efforts which are higher than cost of retaining existing customer.