55 Customer Experience Improvements You Can Make Right Away



Customer experienceOne of the most difficult tasks that every enterprise must do is to provide customer support. This need not always be the case. There are a few improvements that each enterprise can do to ensure that the customer experience is among the best.

  1. Never wait for the customer to bring the problem to your notice before solving it
  2. Advise your agents to speak in full sentences. It is better to ask “Can you please provide your zip code?” instead of just “Zip code”.
  3. Understand that there is a difference between regular customers and loyal customers.
  4. Be innovative but respectful in your responses.
  5. Respond quickly and efficiently. Limit the time taken to respond to a customer and whenever possible try to solve the issue within the first email.
  6. Respect your customers. Remember if you cannot tell these words to your own mother than you should not tell them to your customers.
  7. Remember that to provide a good customer experience, you must over-deliver.
  8. Try to make it easy for a customer to get his/her issue resolved. Don’t go overboard.
  9. Make attitude the basis for your hiring. Skills can be trained later.
  10. Remember complaints should be treated as opportunities and thanks the customers for bringing them to your notice.
  11. Put your insights on paper. Then, start identifying the gaps present and fill them.
  12. Customers will get frustrated when they have to repeat the information they have already given to your automated system. Don’t do that.
  13. Make sure your employees are attentive and catch the customer’s name in the first attempt. In case they fail, make sure that they do not ask in a rude way.
  14. Only after you understand the underpinning of customer experience can you provide the best to your customer.
  15. Remember that understanding the frustrations and expressing it to your customers is important.
  16. Make assumptions is the worst mistake you can make. Try to get an understanding of the customer’s problems, but be polite when doing so.
  17. Make it a practice of ending your conversations with customers with a fond farewell.
  18. Keep your customer demands in mind while designing your business goals.
  19. Remember that apologizing is not a bad thing. There will be times when you have to apologize for things that are beyond your control.
  20. Customers have lives besides their interactions with your company. It is never easy to find about your customer’s lives, but it is important.
  21. Nobody like to placed on hold, especially customers. In case the hold time is more than 3 minutes, remember to check if the customer is still there.
  22. Understand the customer’s needs without having him/her having to express it.
  23. Good performance will continue only when it is recognized.
  24. Make the customer understand that you both are on the same page by acknowledging the point given by them.
  25. Never ever tell your customer that your supervisor will not say anything different.
  26. There will period in a call where you have to wait for the results before you give the customer anything. Don’t waste this time. Use it to explain what is happening or engage in some small talk.
  27. Customers would prefer to talk to a live person. Make sure that they can easily contact a live person.
  28. Not all problems can be solved by you and you have to transfer to another department. Whenever doing so, make sure that you explain it to the customer.
  29. Inspiring employees is the key. Many companies give OK performance because they fail to inspire their employees.
  30. Remember it is rude to over talk or interrupt your customer. Never ever do that.
  31. Remind your agents to use positive language when talking to your customer.
  32. Ensure that your employees understand the importance of staying calm and defusing anger.
  33. Establish a Single Point of Accountability. This will help you manage the customer experience you give to your customers.
  34. Make sure you create how-to-do videos and upload them on your website and YouTube.
  35. Provide customer service app to your customers over chat.
  36. Best practices must implemented through the company. This is will ensure that all employees are performing properly.
  37. Give your employees the correct tools that will enable to provide the best customer experience to your customers.
  38. Have a culture where employees start seeing issues as opportunities to serve and not just issues.
  39. Make sure that your employees put customer experience first, irrespective of communicating, marketing or advertising.
  40. Train your employees to talk in a friendly and engaging manner with your customer.
  41. Making your customer feel dumb or stupid is a mistake you should avoid. They may ask questions that seem silly to you, but you should answer them.
  42. It is important that you provide your employees with refresher training at least once a year.
  43. Make it a point to anticipate what all your customers might expect and how they would react.
  44. Avoid giving your agents a lot of scripts. Let them talk freely to your customer. It would be better if you give them things to talk about.
  45. Have a service vision before you start. That will help you create consistency in the customer experience you provide to your customers.
  46. Never make it a point to prove your customer wrong. That is not your job.
  47. Make sure that your toll-free number is easily accessible.
  48. Ensuring that offers given by you are standardized and simple to understand.
  49. When it comes to steps ensure that your are very specific. Do not give a vague response.
  50. Companies should make sure that employees use the technology to improve the customer experience and not create them.
  51. Customers like to treated as individuals. Make sure that you do this. Customers have punished companies that have failed to do this.
  52. Place customer experience over the efficiency of your operation.
  53. Customers like to be addressed by their personal name and not sir or madam.
  54. When customers are ready to try new things. So should your company.
  55. Try to avoid showing hints of rush or annoyance when answering the customer’s questions.

You can give your customer the perfect customer experience if you follow these points.