The Most Important Thing in Customer Experience


customer experienceCustomer perspective is the most important part of customer experience.  Companies need to look at things from a customer’s point of view. However, many of them fail to think from the perspective of the customer and it is hardly considered when a company makes a decision. In fact many of the take decisions considering only the cost factor.

From when should one consider the customer perspective

Companies should start viewing things from the customer’s perspective when they start designing products or think of introducing changes. When a company designs a product, the first thing must be will the customer benefit from it. The same applies to introducing changes. How much time do they need to adjust to these changes? Do they need 2 months or can they adapt if it was given overnight.

In fact the great Steve Jobs once said that people should start by thinking of what experience will please the customer and bring those changes into the technology you are designing. What he said is applicable to all companies that do business today.

The biggest mistake made by companies is that they start thinking of customer experience only after a customer buys a product or service. In fact they should start thinking of customer loyalty long before they start selling their products or services and they should be thinking about after they sell their products and services.

The questions that any company should ask is “what is the time gap between the prospective customer entering the shop and getting the desired attention”?. If it is too long then the chances that you already lost the customer is very high. The same applies to customer support response and response to filled contact form on your website.

Before you start providing your products and services, you must understand how the customer thinks before deciding to buy your product. Also, you must understand how your delivery process will affect the customer’s decision.

Things that every customer service representative must have

There are few things that every customer service representative must possess if the company they are working for wants to succeed.


This is a tricky thing because many people tend to use it to justify slow service. When we say that the representative must have patience, we mean that he/she should listen to the customer properly so that they can provide them with a great service. After all it is know that customers prefer great service to fast service. Customer should not feel that they are getting a competent service rather a rushed service and then sent out of the door.

Product knowledge

Customers come to you only when they have some problem or doubt about the product. The only way that you can help them is when you fully understand how the product works. If you yourself are not completely through with the product, then how will you be able to clear the doubts and solve the problems put forward by the customer.

Proper and clear communication

Whenever dealing with your customer you must be clear in your communication. Do not waste time talking about unnecessary things and come straight to the problem. The customer has come to solve his problem and not listen to anything else. However, if you do not have a clear understanding of the situation then it better to be cautious. This is because sometimes you might miss-communicate to the customer and that is just as bad.

Being attentive

Being able to listen to your customer is one of the most important quality any employee should have. This means that you should be able to read between the lines. That is understand what the customer is implying because many of them will not tell you directly and openly.

Pay respect to emotions

Whether we like to admit or not emotions play an important role in the purchase of a product. Many customer buy products based on how it affects them emotionally. When they buy a product they form an emotion connection with both the product and the company. If the experience they get is good then they come back for more and become loyal customers. Not only that they recommend the company to their friends and relatives. However, if they get a bad experience then they stop using the product and not only that they will discourage their friends and relatives from doing business with that company.

Why emotions play such an important role?

Emotions is the guiding force that drives all the decisions we make. Even if you want to make a rational decision, you would need inputs from your emotional side. It has been found that people who cannot feel emotions find it hard to make even the simplest decision.

After thoughts

Companies that wish to get loyal customers must first provide their customers with the best customer experience. They can, however, provide the best customer experience to their customers only if they start thinking from the perspective of the customer. Thus, it is important for any company that wishes to succeed to do everything taking into account the customer’s perspective.