How to Build A Sales Funnel with Marketing Automation?


Marketing automationDo you want to know the top ten funnel metrics for sales and marketing alignment?

Yes? This post is for you.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation actually streamlines one businessman’s journey. Whatever online sales you’re making, you could improve it to a great extent.

What you should do now? If you want to capture leads at any time of the day, you need to establish a marketing automation system by taking help of your online pages.

First, you need to be familiar with a number of web tools. And to ensure this, you need to compare the best marketing automation channels.

With the help of marketing automation, you’ll get the freedom of automating responses as well as match responses with your customer activity, reach your website on an instant basis.

You can ensure  it by structuring contents throughout your pages and by promoting offers. Your customers and prospects have to do sign up to avail such offers. Thus, sales funnel of your customers gets initiated who have already taken a look to your website by clicking to your CTAs.

When customers and prospects start visiting your website, it’s your responsibility to retain their interest by providing them with different offers. In case they don’t want to instantly buy your products and/or services, you should take help of marketing automation for nurturing your leads.

What should you know about Funnel Conversion?

Funnel conversion is not a straightforward process. Rather, it is associated with multiple stages. The first step is making your prospects to become leads. And then it’s time for converting your leads into opportunities.

The third step is to convert opportunities into customers. And the final step is post-customer communications. Remember, the fourth step is actually a top-level example of a funnel and your business would be featured with various stages, such as MQL, SQL, and so forth on which you’d like to track your performance. Remember, Funnel Analysis is an important part of the entire process.

And it’s what marketing automation is all about. Nonetheless, you’ll discover a number of marketing automation platforms, amalgamated with other marketing strategies. All these will help your customers and prospects to deal with a less number of marketing technologies. Actually, marketing automation helps improve your sales funnel conversions. Now, you are familiar with the ideal marketing automation approach. It’s time to discuss the functions associated with marketing automation channels that are actually executed upon it.

Triggered action (such as email) whenever your leads start showing interests in buying your products and/or services

Drawing the attention and making them stick to your website is very important for winning a deal. You need to be responsive and focused on a real-time basis by making use of marketing automation alerts.

You can use lead forms to establish prospect profiles. Thus you can guide your marketing team in easily qualifying prospects and providing them with thorough insights into personalized contents.

How to capture leads at the Top of your Sales Funnel?

You must capture each and every lead in your sales funnel. First, it’s important to build up awareness regarding your company offerings at the top of the funnel.

Actually, it’s all about contents that will make your customers familiar with your offerings and help them in making better purchasing decisions.

Remember, your first goal should be talking to your customers regarding their pain points instead of describing your services and/or products at the first step.

Actually, top of the funnel contents consist of guest blogs, eBooks, webinars, infographics, FAQs, and videos. The main goal of the top of your sales funnel is to make more and more customers proceed towards the middle of your sales funnel.

Nurturing Leads to the Middle of the Funnel:

When your customers move towards the middle of your sales funnel, they are enthusiastic to know more about your brand, products, and/or services. In this scenario, you need to concentrate on the advantages of your services and/or products.

You should also showcase the values of your offerings and how your products and/or services are helpful in addressing their pain points. You should display why your brand is a better alternative than your competitors.

Actually, the middle of your sales funnel encourages your customers and prospects to take desired actions by subscribing to your newsletters to get more information about your business.

Marketing automation software would be tremendously helpful for you in accomplishing your marketing strategies, including downloads, intake or order forms, and upcoming promotional offers.

To further elaborate this, you need to take help of marketing automation tools to get the facilities of lead tracking as well as analytics. As a result, you can encourage your customers to move towards the sales process.

Maybe your customers are not ready to purchase your products and/or services on the same day. But, you should constantly encourage your customers towards your products and/or services.

What about the Bottom of the Funnel?

The real magic lies at the bottom of your sales funnel. The previous two steps were about engaging your customers to your offerings. And this step is about closing the deals. It’s actually about convincing your customers to purchase your products and/or services.

Since your prospects have come to the bottom of the sales funnel by experiencing a number of steps, they should be rewarded, isn’t it? Remember, customer loyalty initiates much before the occurrence of the actual sales.

It’s a high time to build up your sales funnel with the help of marketing automation.

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