What Is Form Analytics? How It Can Help You In Marketing Automation?

Form analyticsToday, almost every website uses forms. It’s promising and the data collected via forms are used for various purposes. Nearly all businesses deal with online forms to collect data, understand customer behavior and for market analysis. For a customer, forms are a ‘demanding page’ that collects user information.

The purpose of online forms may vary. Some businesses collect only the contact information, age, and other basic information while there are other online forms that collect suggestions, areas of improvements, experience, and many other options. Form play a major role in collecting important information, data about the customer, review of the product and services.

Do all customers take a minute or two to fill the forms? Definitely not! For a few customers, forms are risky, others feel it’s a waste of time and few may also feel that their information could be used for other marketing purposes. In other cases, those who wish to fill the form find it confusing or boring. On an average 6 out of 10 would avoid filling online forms that demand a lot of information.

Creating interesting and informative designs would force the customer to stop and look at the forms. Eventually, it will increase the effectiveness of the forms. Though it is not easy to convince all the users who visit the website, you can take efforts to convince most of them with proper flow and design. Form analytics is a methodology to monitor the reaction of customers and track the conversions.

Form Analytics – An Introduction

In simple words, form analytics is a kind of measurement tool which allows the companies to understand how the visitors are interacting with the online forms. For most of the companies, it is simply a tool for monitoring various processes and tracking the activities of the visitors. The tool is capable to track every single move of the visitors on the page or website which is much helpful for the companies to analyze the issues and find a suitable improvement and workaround.

Here is the list of things that can be monitored and tracked with the help of form analytics

  • The way the visitors use the website
  • Their way of navigation within the website
  • The prime point of attraction
  • The area that receives maximum clicks
  • The portion ignored or avoided by the visitors
  • Call to action responses and bounce rates
  • Content management and the interest level of the contents
  • The best suggestions and places to have a call to action button, content improvements, heading optimization and more.

Why Form Analytics is important for marketing automation?

Thinking how form analytics and marketing automation is related to each other? Let’s look at the overview of marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a process where software is used for obtaining complete marketing tasks that are levied for increasing sales leads, personalizing the messages of marketing, the process, content, saving the efforts and time of marketers, etc. When the tasks are automated, it becomes easier to send the correct messages effectively to the right person.

The marketers work on various strategies with the help of various marketing automation methods or numbers. And form analytics is one of the various ways the companies can obtain desired goals.

Here is how form analytics can help in marketing automation.

Determining criteria

Nearly every marketer uses marketing automation for determining the criteria and various outcomes regarding the processes and the tasks. Through form analytics, the criteria can easily be interpreted, executed and stored in the marketing automation software. Along with this, obtaining quality leads, and delivering effective data to the sales team is quite easy with the help of CRM software.

Influencing cookies

Not only the criteria, but the marketers also work focusing on leveraging the cookies that are installed in the browser of the website. In this way, the marketers can simply track the visitors who visit the website or pages, gather more and more data regarding the profile of the visitor and work on the scores regarding the prospect that is based on the actions of the web.

Gathering contact information

The forms come with entire details of the visitors or the clients. With the help of the forms getting the contact information of the visitors becomes quick and easy for further follow-ups. Marketing automation is a concept that helps in converting the qualified leads to sales, and this is possible only with the help of form analytics. Increasing the score and nurturing it for further communication is possible when both form analytics and marketing automation join hands.

The forms on the websites are much helpful for the marketers in collecting the contact information which helps them in qualifying the leads. On the basis of the information submitted by the visitors, the companies can work on the automation of the leads on accurate areas on the basis of the initial data collection. This allows the companies in identifying the leads and their position along with the determination of the communication means considering new leads for ensuring an increased closing rate. The form provides the companies with other communication means like email addresses, mobile numbers, and much more that allows the companies to reach the visitors quickly and efficiently.

If you are still doubtful about implementing form analytics to improve your marketing automation results, it’s high time to start thinking about it because it’s very useful.

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Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.