10 Session Replay Tools To Look Out In 2019

Session replay tools help business in various ways like recording, saving, and replaying user interactions with their sites. That’s why more and more UX teams and digital marketers have started using such tools to have some in-depth information regarding their site’s user experience. Without analyzing user interaction and user engagement, you can’t figure out the flaws of your website and improve it further.

Actually, session replay software will tremendously help you in recording as well as visually playing back the sessions of users on your business website. Thus, you can better understand your user activities, interactions, and engagements.

Thus, it will become very easy for you to find out bugs, errors, confusions, or other struggles (if any) that your online users might experience.

Now, let’s talk about the top 10 session replay tools from which you can choose one and start using from today.

What are the Top 10 Session Replay Tools?


Hotjar is among the top-notch visitor recording as well as session replay tools available on the market. Owing to this incredible software, you can watch the recordings of various activities of your website users, including their navigation strategies, taps, clicks, or cursor movements.

Following the recording of a session, you can start adding tags to the respective recording. Also, it’s possible to take notes on your site user actions, filter recordings (such as landing page, page visited, exit page and so on), and share recordings with your colleagues. As a user of Hotjar, you can also create customizable surveys, heatmaps, and feedback polls.

When it comes to the price of Hotjar, it actually depends on the number of pageviews. Actually, the Hotjar pricing is between the ranges of €89/month (20,000 pageviews) to €589/month (400,000 pageviews).


Mouseflow is actually among the former players among the visitor recording as well as session replay tools. Mouseflow and Hotjar share similarities in their work structures, such as in the mouse movement, tracking clicks, forms, and scrolls through session replay.

Mouseflow also helps its users by providing heatmaps for displaying where audiences are interacting on their website.

This tool provides the facility of Form Analytics- a great feature, which helps users to figure out why their site visitors don’t fill forms online.

Moreover, its users are able to track different types of funnels. Mouseflow also enables its users to analyze why audiences from various traffic sources behave differently on their website.

It’s time to discuss the price structure of Mouseflow. When it comes to a starter package with 10,000 pageviews, the price is around €29/month. Moreover, Mouseflow has also come with ‘growth’ and ‘pro’ packages for which one has to invest €99/month and €399/month respectively. And another one is enterprise package for which you can contact Mouseflow directly.


Inspectlet is a prominent visitor recording as well as session replay tool. When you opt for Inspectlet, you can start recording 100 sessions per month without any investment.

Actually, this tool holds all the same functionalities as Hotjar and Mouseflow. However, Inspectlet also offers eye tracking heatmaps.

Taking help of just one-liner code, users can easily specify Inspectlet which of the users is being recorded. And with this valuable information, it’s possible to return and find out users based on their email addresses.

With Inspectlet, you’ll get many options of price structures. It initiates from free to $299/month, based on the website, count of pageviews, and recorded sessions.


Smartlook is a brilliant qualitative analytics solution for both websites and mobile applications. This tool is actually helping more than 200,000 businesses, belonged to all sizes.

With Smartlook, you can easily figure out the reasons for each and every activity of your users. Thus, you don’t need to take help of any guesswork.

Smartlook enables its users to find out the actual and actionable reasons behind the user activities, interactions, and engagements. With the help of its unique set of functionalities, Smartlook will help you in figuring out user behavior even at the minute level.

You can opt for a free package of Smartlook that contains 1,500 recordings/month. Alternatively, the Starter package and Power package are also available with the investment of $19/month and $79/month respectively.


Hoverowl helps its users by collecting and analyzing visitor recordings and by offering heatmap analysis. Owing to Hoverowl, you’d get the functionalities of website mouse tracking, optimization of web pages, and application features.

The unique feature of Hoverowl is visitor timeline that is able to identify valuable information, including the website traffic source, visitor location, and their time spent on the respective website.

Coming to the price structures of Hoverowl, the range is between $9/month to $99/month, based on the requirements of the number of impressions, websites, and storage.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is another popular visitor recording and session replay tool. This tool also helps its users by providing various functionalities like conversion funnels, heatmapping, and form analytics.

Lucky Orange also comes with a real-time visitor map through which you’d get the indication of when a visitor reaches to the particular platform and the number of visitors at a moment.

The starter package of Lucky Orange is of $10/month (25,000 pageviews) and it goes to $100/month (500,000 pageviews).


With SessionCam, you can easily watch recordings of the live customer sessions. Among other features, its real-time API feed helps to figure out basket abandonment campaigns or move on user data to different other segments of your business.

SessionCam provides a free package (at most 50 session replays) that goes up to a small business package ($50/month). The pricing of an enterprise package is available on request.


ClickTale can easily collect recordings of your visitors from the desktop or mobile sessions. Among many facilities, its users can filter various session replays by user demographics, traffic sources, environment, mouse movement etc. The pricing for ClickTale is available on request.


Owing to MouseStats, you can easily keep track of all mouse scrolls, movements, clicks, and keystrokes. It holds interactive heatmaps for displaying which segments of the page actually attract attention.

You’ll get a free package (100 recordings a month) with MouseStats. Moreover, if you look for more recordings, you need to invest between $29/month to $299/month, based on the package.


Wisdom is actually regarded as a quite accurate visitor recording and session replay tool. It offers a range of features (for e.g. Flight Recorder). With Wisdom, you’ll get a free version (maximum 100 visitors/month) and startup ($89/month), and pro ($199/month). You can also go for its enterprise packages.

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