How to deliver personalized customer service

personalized customer service In every sector/niche, companies of all sizes are scrambling to satisfy the customers- more than ever before. This is not without reasons- for sure. The customers are not much gullible these days and they have becomes tech savvy and smarter. Owing to smartphone and available digital technologies, they do research before shopping for any product or service. The wider options have made them very selective. This has put pressure on the businesses-and they resort to numerous strategies to woo new customers and also focus on retaining existing lot. There are plenty of companies that are focusing on offering personalized customer services.

Understanding importance of offering on personalized customer services

Before deploying strategies to offer personalized service to your brand customers, you should understand its importance well. The new generation customers expect more than just discounted products and bundled freebies! They also want the brands to understand specific needs and fulfill those. When they get personalized service- they can spend more and the brands benefit in many ways. One example is a resort where a person has stayed before welcoming him/her back with rooms matching choice, choicest décor and in room services.

  • Studies have shown, personalized service often leads to impulse buying. The customers, when pleased with service catering to their needs, may spend beyond earlier planned limit.
  • The deployment of personalized customer service eventually leads to the customers spending more -which enhances overall revenue.
  • The customers who get personalized service for a company are less likely to switch to other brands. Customer retention is important for sustenance for any brand- beyond doubt.

Ways to offer personalized experience and service to the customers

  • Collection of data is crucial– To offer the customers more personalized service, you need to understand their preferences and likings- regarding products and services. For this, you need to gather enough data on the customers. There are so many ways that you can utilize to collect data from the customers. For example, you can use email based surveys, live chat feedback and online polls. These methods can be used to gather massive amount of data giving insights into buying habits and likings of the customers. Suitable helpdesk tool or ticketing software has to be used to analyze the data, collect valuable inputs and utilize those to offer personalized experience. Using the data, more personalized services can be given to customers while keeping focus on parameters like age region, income level etc.
  • Offering various support modes or channels– To ensure the customers can seek support in the ways they want, your organization should keep several channels open. There will be some customers who will prefer telephonic support over web based or digital modes. Corporate customers still choose email over other modes of support. However, younger and tech savvy customers want live chat the most for seeking support or voicing grievances. Your company should offer support through all these channels.
  • Using names of the customers- it is necessary that your brand’s loyal customers get personalized and enhanced experience when they seek support. For this, using the names of such customers can be quite good. Instead of using traditional and formal way of using “dear sir/madam” to address the customers, the support agents can use names of the regular customers. It adds an element of warmth in the interaction or conversation. This can be done regardless of which support channel is being used- phone, chat or email. Doing so may make the customers feel the company is not indifferent to them and it has a positive impression on their mind.
  • Implementing loyalty programs— Using special loyalty programs can be useful to offer tailor made personalized experience and facilities to the customers. This is what many MNCs do. From cab services to fast food chains various companies resort to this method. There is no fixed way to deploy a loyalty program. It depends on the company niche and type of customers. Offering freebies with bulk orders can be an example. Adding complimentary gifts with orders placed at specific occasions (New Year or thanksgiving) can be done too. Offering additional discounts on the selected products for loyal customers is another way.
  • Making recommendations– A lot of brands study customer buying patterns and browsing behavior to make personalized recommendations to them. Giants like Amazon resort to this tactics, for example. This can be done when these customers browse the brand website or later too. Amazon, for example, displays products that the customers typically browse when they visit the website. This varies from one buyer to another.  Apart from making things convenient to the customers, this strategy helps in boosting sales and revenue for the brands. With right recommendations, your brand can nurture relationships with the customers and sales also go up substantially.
  • Offering self service portal– A section of your brand customers do not like being served by support staffs much. The tech savvy, well informed customers prefer resolving issues without depending on third parties! For them, it is better that you keep the option of resolving problems through a self support portal. These portals contain resources and FAQ that the customers find useful. It also adds an element of personalized service.
  • Rewarding the loyal customers– It is also necessary to recognize the loyal customers and reward them from time to time. This shows them the brand considers them valuable and they are likely to stay with the brand in long run. The reward may not be expensive but there should be a personal touch to it.
  • Supporting through social media sites-A lot of your customers are fond of using social media services. To cater to these social media loving buyers, your brand should offer services through these online platforms. When these customers can make enquiries from their social media profiles and receive answers directly, they feel happy.
  • Listening to the feedbacks– It is just not enough to take the feedbacks and opinions of the customers. You also need to implement those feedbacks as corrective or service quality enhancing measures. When the customers find their feedbacks have been taken seriously by the company and they feel the changes- it leads to retention. It would also be a good idea to reward those customers who gives feedbacks. Not every buyer responds to email surveys or complete questionnaires after live chat sessions, as it is. Those who do that should be given due recognition.
  • Focusing on consumer preference during the promotional campaignsIt is necessary to respect preferences of customer when offering promotions to them. There is no point in promoting product or service to a customer that has little relevance to him/her. It can actually be detrimental. The customer should be given offers that are of use to him/her at any rate. When the customers receive promotions that match their buying history and likings- they feel good.

Summing it all up

There is no single way to offer customized service to the customers. Taking note of customer choices and maintaining them is important. Besides, the customers should be given maximum flexibility and conveniences. Using a suitable help desk application will be useful to store customer preferences and tweak strategies accordingly.