How to Get More Reviews on Google


Google reviews are important, way more than you could imagine! Nine out of 10 consumers trust online reviews and read them before visiting a business. They are also extremely important in terms of winning the trust of potential customers. With better reviews, your business will also perform well into search engines and achieve higher search rankings. Simply put, more reviews can lead to more leads and more sales and when that happens, your business will witness a boost to its revenue. That’s why you should focus on getting more and more reviews for your business and achieve great results with Google.

Here are some of ways to get more reviews on Google –

  1. Ask Customers Directly for a Google Review

You should never hesitate in asking customers for a Google review. If customers are satisfied with your business or products or services, they will have absolutely no issue in sharing the same with the world. You can thus ask them directly or push a request for the review.

It’s easy to spot happy customers and when you do that, it becomes easy to persuade them to share reviews. More importantly, asking for reviews should be an on-going process as most customers prefer reviews that are recent or latest in nature, not old ones.

  1. Send a Follow-Up Email

Even if you have asked customers directly about posting reviews, you should further think of following it up for improve the chances of getting the request accepted. For that to happen, you can send a follow-up email where you politely request them to leave a review on Google.

When you send the mail, focus on staying personal and always say thanks to your customers for their trust in your business. The email should convey to customers your appreciation for their feedback and it will work for sure. And yes, always provide a link so that customers/visitors can give away the review.

  1. Add a Review Link to Your Website

If you want more Google reviews for your business, have a review link on your website. A lot of businesses do add this link or create a custom review link so that visitors find it easy in giving away reviews. The custom URL thus created will make it hassle-free to share reviews for anyone.

Further, you can put a link either in the header or footer of the site, or use a lightbox pop up for getting the review. If you really care for reviews from your customers, you should then definitely add the link and achieve the target easily.

  1. Install Review Generation Tools

Yes, there are tools as well which can help generate reviews for your business. While some of them are free, there are also a few which are premium and cost money, so you can decide which one to choose for the purpose. With such tools, you can easily streamline the review process.

You can install one of those review generation tools and get reviews not only on Google but on other platforms as well. Some tools also come with free-trial period and you can check them out as well. Once you install such tools, there will be a marked difference to the number of reviews you site gets.

  1. Accept Bad Reviews or Negative Feedback with Composure

You should understand that reviews may not always be positive in nature. Bad or negative reviews can also happen which you should be ready to accept with composure. There is no need to worry about bad reviews and you should rather take it as an opportunity to know about the problem and then pledge to correct that.

Even bad reviews have a positive side as they inform potential customers about authenticity of your business and also about your steps to fix that problem. You can respond to negative reviews and take the aggrieved customers into confidence about fixing the issue at the earliest and not repeating the mistake in future.

  1. Add Calls-to-Action (CTA) on Your Website

Having calls-to-action on the website can improve the chances of getting more reviews from customers. In general, customers may not be interested in leaving a review unless you nudge them or lure them into doing that. Apart from plenty of CTAs on the site, you can also add small pop-ups as an encouragement for users to write a review for your business. You can use witty one-liner or any interesting sentence with your CTA or popup and that will push customers into giving the review. This is how reviews are won in general to achieve goals for your business.

In overall, you can also take services of a top digital marketing agency India and achieve the target with Google reviews. With experts on board, you will have it easy getting the review on Google.