6 Amazing Tools to Embed Instagram feed on the website


As a business, your website might be an interactive & beautifully designed one but it cannot create a similar influence as social media can over consumers. 

As social media networks have been used by businesses for their digital marketing for a long time now. Instagram especially has been the key social media network for marketing & businesses. 

You need to have a strategy that can help you bring the benefits of social media to your website. 

Embed Instagram feed on website is an effective and resourceful strategy that can be for garnering positive business results. 

Instagram & its benefits

Instagram has over a billion active users with 500 million daily active users and billions of engagement actions by users with the content on the platform. 

The reason for such massive engagement is that Instagram is a visual-heavy platform and consumers tend to engage more with visual content over texts & audio. 

The possibility to reach a massive audience, visual content marketing, community building, availability of user-generated content and shoppable posts make Instagram the best choice for embedding. 

You can make use of this engaging, interesting, and attractive visual content mostly uploaded by users for your website. You can aggregate this powerful content into a single feed using social media aggregation tools and embed it on your website. 

Tools to embed Instagram feed on website

We have listed the 6 best tools that can help you to embed Instagram feed on website. 

  1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a highly resourceful social media aggregation tool that lets you aggregate content and displays it on your website. 

It is highly customizable giving you the authority to curate quality content and design captivating & engaging Instagram feed, personalization through diverse themes and powerful content moderation to keep the quality of content superior. 

You also have the option of updating feed content in real-time, add CTA’s, adding customs posts, banner, and even make the feed shoppable. 

It is compatible with different website platforms and also has in-built user engagement & sentiment analytics for measuring feed performance. 

  1. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is an easy to use and highly customizable Instagram feed creation tool. It is an extremely famous tool that has functionality for Facebook & Twitter as well as Instagram. 

The widget automates the process of updating your Instagram feed on website when new photos are uploaded on the connected profile, handle or hashtag. 

It has various layout and theme options with different sizes so that you can use the best one according to your requirements. Also, you can add a shoppable image as well to your Instagram feed.

  1. Photoslurp

Photoslurp is a visual commerce platform that focuses mainly on integrating user-generated content with shoppability from social media.

It has the functionality to aggregate user-generated content from different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and embeds it on the website with shoppable element integration. 

You can easily embed Instagram feed on website and it helps you track, monitor, and analyze the performance of your feed. It is designed for eCommerce platforms to increase their sales & conversions. 

  1. Embed from Instagram

Instagram has its own option of embedding posts on the website.  You just have to go to the posts on Instagram that you want to embed and from the menu, choose the embed post option. 

Clicking embed post will give you an embed code for the post that you can copy and paste it into your website code where you want to display it. 

It is a great way to showcase a particular post but you don’t have the option to embed multiple posts altogether. 

  1. EmbedSocial

As the name suggests, EmbedSocial lets you gather content from different social media and embed the feed on your website. 

The focus of EmbedSocial is to build social proof by displaying user-generated content and that can help in increasing conversions & sales. 

It gathers reviews by customers about your brand from social media and uses those reviews to boost your sales by embedding the feed on the website. 

It is highly responsive, user-friendly, and easy to use tool to embed Instagram feed on website. 

  1. Embed.ly 

Embed.ly is a dedicated platform for embedding powerful media from diverse social platforms including Instagram as well. You can embed images, videos, gifs, infographics, etc.

You can add diverse media content, measure the engagement of the users with embeds, get audience insights, and design your embeds. 

It has a clean and responsive design with opportunities for API access. It can display the content effectively by resize, crop or fill for any screen. 

It is an excellent option to enhance user engagement and experience with relevant and rich media display. 


Embed Instagram feed on your website to bring the benefits of social media to your business.

You can spread awareness, extend reach & exposure, build social proof, increase user interaction & engagement, channelize traffic between social & online, and boost conversions. 

These factors will help in reducing the bounce rate, cart abandonment and will increase the dwell time & SERP ranking for your website. 

So, Embed Instagram feed on website to enhance the user experience and your business growth. 

Meta description – Embed Instagram feed on website to display the visual appeal to website visitors. Try these 6 amazing tools to embed instagram feed on website