Top 10 reasons why people are switching from lever to Freshteam

Applicant tracking system software can bring a huge relief to the recruitment team in terms of workload and other tasks which can engage them for the long term without giving any fruitful results. So, as we all know how it works like a Robot, candidate sourcing, engagement, scheduling interview, hiring team collaborations and other strategic activities.

However, there is a perception that only large organisations need ATS while it is not. Nowadays ATS is not limited to the only resume but a lot more and while you decide on which software should work best, you need to have a look at this comparison. So, what is better Lever or Freshteam? Can Freshteam be considered as Lever alternative? Before we conclude any, we need to know what these two has to offer.

To manage the hiring process, Lever, which is a cloud-based solution offers ATS and CRM functionality in one single platform. It helps teams of all sizes to the source, nurture and manage their candidates, all in one place. Lever also offers automated workflows, integrated sourcing tools and interview scheduling. Additional tools are employee referral functionality, including shareable job links for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as a Google Chrome extension.

Also, Lever enables users to leverage data, assignable access levels and reporting with customizable reports and tools. It also has visual dashboards allow for prioritization of specific metrics.

But Freshteam has an edge over Lever and people are switching from lever to Freshteam. Here are the top 10 reasons:

1.Pricing: Freshteam starts with zero pricing and they offer a free trial for 21 days with all the basic features while this is not so with a Lever.  It’s very much chargeable according to need and there is no free trial of any sort!

2 More time: Freshteam software needs less invested time than Lever. It has automated common hiring workflows to make it easy to use. While the same lacks in lever. And we assume you’d prefer to hire software to have a better workflow and not as additional baggage.

  1. Easy integration: Freshteam has sourcing partner management over the lever. Hiring for a team does require certain approvals from the manager side and what best one can have when all the team can be integrated through the app. All can be done quickly, without taking much time in approvals or any doubt one can have.
  2. Transparency: It’s quite common that you’ve been asked to enter your credit card details even for the free trial but it’s not so with Freshteam. There are no hidden charges though which might pop-up once you enter into a contract. It’s completely transparent and you pay exactly what you see there!
  3. User-friendly: Freshteam is as easy to start in. Anyone who wants to try it can avail free trial and get started in just 5 minutes which is not so smooth with Lever. For any organization, choosing any software or application depends how easy and quick it can be used, rather they spend time on further training or engaging a person to manage it.
  4. All-time support: Freshteam is available 24/7 and available through all the approachable channels. What could be the best support than this where you don’t need to wait for the fixed timings to reach out to sort out issues. But you won’t find the same with Lever, it doesn’t have live support but can be reachable via other support systems.
  5. Attractive offers: Freshteam has a special place for Non-profit organizations and educational institutions and that’s why they give special offers to them so that they can also be benefited with the quality of work, with a limited budget. The aim is not to make profits all the time but also leveraging those organizations which are important for every society and can be made better. The lever has no policy as such and no offers to any segment.
  6. Easy data migration from the Lever: In case, you are worried that who would migrate your data from existing (Lever) to Freshteam then this comes as free from the team. They will do this for you and free of cost! So, this shouldn’t be the issue anymore.
  7. Multiple language support: Considering the global networking around the world, language shouldn’t be the barrio to implement process and policies. And here, Freshteam breaks all the conditionings with multiple language support which lacks in Lever. They have support in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch. Lever exclusively supports only English.
  8. Available devices: Freshteam software can work on various technologies like Windows, Android, I phone/Pad, Mac, Web-based devices while Lever is limited to Windows, Linux, Mac and web-based. This is an added advantage of Freshteam over Lever for those who work on multiple devices and not restricting users to work on it.

The overall satisfaction rating of Frehteam is 100% while it is 96% for Lever. Furthermore, the consumer-friendly features of Freshteam is making it more demanding than ever!

Author Bio:

Jayakumar Muthusamy is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process