Instagram Metrics That Can Help You Get More Followers & Engagement

instagramWhen you consider the growth of your business then learning about Instagram metrics is the primary aspect. But you have to be cautious that what metrics you are going to measure and track. Most of the time, we get overwhelmed by seeing our stats of Instagram, this blog is going to explain how following Instagram metrics can help you to uplift the growth and popularity of your business.

1 Measurement of Engagement rate to knowing about content accomplishment

Measurement of the engagement rate is crucial for determining the performance of content which was posted on Instagram. First of all, if you want to see Instagram metrics and analytics you have to switch your Instagram profile to Instagram Business profile. Here we can choose what to see first. As we mentioned earlier that Engagement Rate is the primary aspect and we can boost this rate by increasing followers. It is a reality that all your followers don not get engagement with all your posts. However, Engagement Rate tells us how many followers are currently engaged in our posts and brand. In simple terms, Engagement Rate is the percentage of your likes and comments on your post. Usually, Instagram does not calculate Engagement rate but you can find the reach of the post, total likes and comments by clicking on “view insights” on your post in Instagram application.

Engagement Rate = (likes + comments) / total reach or followers

2 Enhancing Instagram Hashtag Strategy by using discovery metrics

In this metric, we are going to discuss the use of discovery metrics. It is a kind of treasure for an Instagram user because it tells us that from where the audience is coming to your post. You can find this tool on your Instagram post by clicking on “View Insights” button, in the response of this action an information bar will be shown on screen, then swipe up you will find a page with more detail options of Interaction and Discovery. You have to choose discovery, so this option shows how many persons visited your post and from where that traffic is coming. This information is very useful to drive out strategies to the target audience that can lead us to desired results. Here are two basic things that you should know about, first is impression: it means how many times your profile is being seen and the second is reach: It is same as impression that how many eyes were on your post but one thing differentiate it that is unique visitors. For examples, if one person sees your post twice or thrice reach will show just one number of seeing because it calculates unique visits on posts. One more thing is that we can use hashtags while posting our content because it is helpful to bring traffic or visitor to our posts. People can search products or posts by using hashtags. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve engagement rate on Instagram posts that we can write catchy captions for posts, choosing the right time to post our content that can attract a large number of visitors towards posts. These things can play vital role in business growth.

3 Keep Tracking that when people stopover Watching You Stories
Every Business profile on Instagram uses stories to build a friendly and fun level relationship with its followers. This strategy builds a positive image and goodwill for the brand and there are many features of the Instagram story that someone can put Question and Poll Sticker that are very beneficial to start a conversation with followers and Instagram community. You can view the Next Stories metric. It shows the visitors data that earlier which stories they passed through and after visiting your story what are the next stories they visited. It can help you to see the interest of audience of your post that what kind of stories and content they like most. To check stories metrics, you have to visit your Instagram profile picture, on clicking your photo you can see your stories then swipe up for the access of insights on your Instagram story. In this discussion, there is one more important point that Instagram followers is Next Story metric. It tells that sometimes a user/visitor come to your story and he/she “speed tap” through you story, mostly there are still images or the visitor can be in hurry and he/she wants to reach at the end of stories. This process describes that the visitor was not interested in story. With the help of this finding, we can redefine our strategy to make our campaigns and stories more effective. In today’s world, every step is taken after analyzing the history of data so cannot ignore the importance of these tools.

4 Information About Reaching to New Peoples

It is discussed earlier that Reach means the unique visitors that have seen your post but on the other hand, impressions show how many times your profile is seen in total numbers. It is compulsory to mention here that reach is the best tool to track our growth of business on Instagram because it tells us about the new audience that is in reach and this is the key opportunity to boost our business progress through Instagram likes. You can check your actual reach by day or week via “Discovery” ticket. It is concluded that reach is very advantageous to attain presence and recognition on Instagram. If you want to increase your reach, Buy Instagram followers uk can lift you up with no time to accomplish your business goals. If you choose a conventional way to increase your reach, you have to spend more time but if you choose this mean, you will get to your destination with no time by cumulative your brand value. There is one more tool that is very handy for use that is tagging. When you make a post on the Instagram profile, you can tag your relative accounts/businesses. Definitely, this step will increase your engagement and there is solid chance that someone will share your post to others. If this happens, you will get new door of opportunity for your business growth. In this age, Instagram is most favorite social media platform for individuals and business persons, and therefore there are many third-party services to facilitate Instagram users. Now, you can schedule your posts to Instagram by using online services.