10 Local SEO Strategies to Improve Your Local Result

The local positioning in search engines is an essential practice for any business with an online presence, but for companies with greater strength and local customer base, SEO can be especially useful for finding new customers and improved online visibility. Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms to provide users with smart and useful search results, and it is important to understand these systems to ensure that your business is It is showing the right people who are looking for the right things.

Here at we have compiled ten of the best local SEO strategies to improve your  local SEO  and get them listed on Google Local Business.

10 Awesome Local SEO Strategies


Instead of using generic keywords that refer to the services or products offered by our company, we should instead use  specific keywords and phrases from the location  . For example, if we want to monopolize more clients locally, we could focus on a phrase like “web designer in Canada” instead of simply “web designer”. Google’s intelligent search algorithms use location data and other data to show ads near the user’s location as long as they have prepared for it and remain faithful to changing Google SEO rules, so the use of some geographical keywords in the text of our website, if we are thinking of attracting local customers.


Google+ My business, local Bing and Yahoo Local are all essential tools for local SEO. Make sure your small business is offered in all three, with photographs, a description, opening hours and contact details. It is these local lists that are used as a source for local businesses, which are often shown, with contact information and a map, at the top of Google searches.



Instead of simply bombarding your web pages with relevant keywords, use them carefully and in context within your website. We must also include keywords in areas of special interest, such as the title of the page, the URL of the website. It is also advisable to include the keywords in the first and last sentences of your page. These not only attract the attention of readers, but they are also an integral aspect of search engine algorithms.


When a customer is satisfied with your product or service,  why not ask them to go to the online comments section of your business? , but you have it think about having it on your website, this section. You could distribute business cards or send emails to your existing customers, ask to be valued in Google Local SEO and other business directories where you appear. The probability that a client leaves a comment is difficult but the clearer we put it, the more possibilities we will have to give us his opinion.



Unique content is an effective way to increase search engine optimization for companies of all sizes and shapes, from the local company to the largest multinationals. Keyword rich content will work wonders for your SEO positioning, and can be shared through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You will also benefit from organic backlinks and longer viewing page that are associated with attractive content. Focus on the issues and stories related to your line of business and the local community to attract more attention from your local community.


Google’s latest research has found that smartphone users are much more likely to turn their research into a physical purchase. When users are looking for a local business, they are unlikely to visit a website that is slow or illegible on a smartphone.


Make sure your  name, address and phone number  is consistent through your main website and other local directories or review websites. A high level of coherence will not only improve your visibility from the SEO point of view, but also increase the likelihood that Google will associate your company with any searches that are performed in the local area, or that include the names of nearby towns and cities .


Pages that take a long time to load can be particularly damaging to small local businesses. A  high load time will directly affect your ranking in search engines such  as Google, also increases the possibility that multiple visitors leave your website after a few seconds, they can also affect your ranking in search engines. Use optimized images and web development best practices to avoid this.


Search engines like Google often update their search algorithms, often without any major ads. For example, the latest update of the Google hummingbird had been applied for months before the official date announced by Google. It is essential to maintain and adjust your online presence with the latest search engine optimization practices, although this is easier said than done. Despite the initial investment and a small permanent catch, Local search engine optimization can be an effective way to increase both company visibility and sales success.