Dress Up Games at Home

Giant Wall Games

There is certainly terrific dress up games online, but easily the most fun you can have with dress up games is to play them at home. Giant Wall Games One of the easiest ways to have fun with the games at home is to build a dress up box over time. The dress up box houses all of the clothing you can use to pull looks together for fun.

Collecting Clothing for Dress Up Games

You might collect the old work clothes from your parents and especially any old formal gowns of your mothers. Then, once you have a basis for the games, continue to add to the collection over time. Having fun with the clothing is as simple as grabbing your little sister or inviting over a friend to get dressed up with you. Each of you can create some sort of outlandish outfit using only items in the box. Have a fashion show, change looks and enjoy the fashion fun of it all.

Putting On a Fashion Show

A fully-stocked dress up box is required for fashion shows. Easily one of the best features of dress up games at home, the fashion show requires all parties have at least two different outfits to wear. Plan out the event down to the last detail. You will need to find a stage for the event. You might bring in extra lamps to make it extra bright and fun. Arrange music to walk to as you perform your fashion show and do a test run to be sure everything is working smoothly.

When the fashion show is complete, you have it all recorded thanks to your video tape. Pull on some comfortable dress up clothes and sit back on the couch to enjoy the fun all over again. You might decide, after watching the video, that there is a lot more fun still in that dress up games box. Do not be surprised if you decide that maybe you need to do another round of fashion shows just to suit your inner diva one more time.

Continuing Dress Up Games at Home

The best part about keeping your dress up games in a dress up box is that you can always add to it. If you like consignment shops and flea markets, pick up some great buys simply to add to the box. Encourage gifts and hand-me-downs from aunts and grandmothers who likely have some really fun things. Giant Magnetic Scrabble Board for Wall Even your older cousins might have a few items you would love to have in the box to enjoy in the future.