Handling Multiple Accounts on Ragnarok Origin Global (PC Version) with Redfinger

If you are a devoted MMORPG gamer, you may already be knowledgeable about the practice of running multiple accounts with emulators on mobile games. Ragnarok Origin Global for PC now provides a smoother gaming experience as well as a considerable decrease in CPU and RAM use.

However, some people may think that operating multiple accounts on one PC is no longer feasible. This article will guide you through the steps to take advantage of the improved PC experience by running multiple Ragnarok Origin accounts.

Settings can be utilized to enable the use of multiple accounts on Ragnarok Origin Global.

In order to play and manage multiple accounts at once, you can launch the Ragnarok Origin Game Launcher. Then, look for the “Hamburger” settings icon located in the top right part of the screen.

To access the Settings window, simply click on the icon. From there, make sure to uncheck the box for “Minimize the launcher when the game starts” and pick “Exit” in the “When Clicking X” section. Check that your choices mirror the sample below.

A Comprehensive Guide to Handling Multiple Accounts in the Global Version of Ragnarok Origin on PC is presented here.

For launching multiple Ragnarok Origin Global clients at once, all you have to do is press the “Start” button as many times as the number of accounts you want to use. Each click will open up a new gaming window.

It is essential to be aware that there are a few minor cons to this approach. Firstly, whenever multiple accounts are being managed, the one that is saved on the PC client will be reset to the most current login, necessitating a new sign in. Additionally, when attempting to view two Ragnarok Origin Global windows on a 1080p monitor, the resolution may not be adequate to fully display both, creating difficulties. To solve this, a better-grade monitor or a supplementary screen might be beneficial in order to run the two windows concurrently.

This comprehensive guide provides essential information for managing multiple accounts in Ragnarok Origin Global on PC.

An alternate approach to tackling the discussed problems is to utilize Android emulators, with a few advantages for gamers who wish to control multiple accounts in Ragnarok Origin Global through emulators such as Redfinger Cloud Phone.

Veteran gamers are aware that utilizing android emulators is a cost-effective way to upgrade the performance of a PC. Moreover, these emulators provide gamers with the opportunity to play Ragnarok Origin Global on any device and at any time, not solely restricted to PCs. Another advantage of using an emulator is the capacity to shift between various accounts and games without having to log in and out repeatedly, making it even more advantageous and user-friendly.

If you would like to access Ragnarok Origin Global using an Android emulator such as redfinger, the following steps can guide you through the process and allow you to enjoy the adventures:

  1. Discover REDFINGER either by locating it in the Google Play Store and downloading the app, or by clicking the official website and accessing the app through a web browser.
  2. 2. In order to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone, please finish the sign-in process.
  3. 3. In the search bar of the REDFINGER APP Store, type in ‘Ragnarok Origin Global’ and it should appear.
  4. Obtain the game from Redfinger and set it up.
  5. Have fun playing Ragnarok Origin Global with Redfinger.

You can get Ragnarok Origin Global on your Android device by downloading an emulator and enjoying a different type of gaming experience.