How Do You Water The Plants In a Raised Garden Bed?

building a garden box

If your dream is to create a beautiful garden in the backyard of your house, then the best option available in your hand is to make a raised garden bed. A raised garden bed is a type of garden created a few meters above the existing layer of soil. These kinds of garden beds have become extremely popular among people these days, and more and more people are getting interested in creating their gardens in a raised garden bed. You can also try building a garden box by yourself.

But how exactly are you going to water the plants present in your raised garden bed? Well, there are multiple options available in hand. So, let us have a look at some of the ways by which you will be able to water the plants present in your raised garden bed:

Watering the plants by hand: One of the easiest and the most satisfying ways by which you can water the plants in your raised garden bed is to water them by hand. A few things to consider while watering by hand are always using a very slow stream of water to water your plants. This is going to make the process more effective. Watering the plants with a high stream can lead to the wastage of a lot of water. It may also cause water clogging leading to rotting away of the roots.

Watering the plants through an automatic system: There are different types of automated watering systems available that you can use to water the plants present in your raised garden bed. A few of them have been listed for you:

Soaker hoses: Soaker hoses are an effective way of watering the plants in your raised garden bed. Here you can directly target the plants at their root zone. This system performs well if your raised garden bed has an uneven surface. However, the problem is that they can often get cracked and clogged and do not water evenly.

Drip irrigation system: Drip irrigation system is mainly used for watering the soil and not the plants. This method is primarily used if your soil becomes dry at regular intervals. Most people living in dry areas use this kind of watering system to keep the soil moist at all times. A drip irrigation system is also an effective method of watering during the hot summer months when the soil tends to lose its moisture easily.

Sprinkler system: A normal sprinkler system has around 70% efficiency. However, this system can cause diseases in plants as they can get the leaves wet. Watering through a sprinkler system can also result in excess evaporation that leads to water loss; however, if used effectively, this method can also be really good for growing your plants.

And this is how you can water the plants in elevated garden boxes. For further ideas on raised garden beds, you can connect with us.