Ship A Car, Inc.: Your Complete Guide to Transport Car Without Stress

Whether you’re planning a road trip, a long vacation in a new city, or relocating, you will always need your vehicle at service. Driving to the nearest location is pretty easy and convenient, but traveling in your car to a distant location may seem tiring and expensive. That is why shipping a car seems to be a convenient method.

Ship A Car, Inc. is the leading shipping company in the USA. They can ship any kind of vehicle to any destination including Hawaii. The company provides direct pick and drop at the doorstep. They are just a phone call away to get the best quotation for their service.

Traveling should not be hectic and stressful. According to Ship a Car, Inc., a little planning and managing beforehand can make your shipping experience stress-free. Here is a list of a few things provided by the company that you can manage to make your car shipping experience stress-free.

Plan Ahead 

Some auto transporters provide same or next-day pick-up services. While this is considered an expedited service and charges may vary, it can be avoided with planning. Plan early and reserve your shipping for a stress-free auto transport experience. This is less expensive, offers you more options, and is less stressful.

Get Your Vehicle Ready 

A safety inspection is important while preparing for shipping a car. The inspection will state whether the car is in good condition or not. This will give assurance to you as well as the shipping company. Also, in case of already damaged, upon delivery, you will not charge the transportation company for compensation.


Shipping a car across the border requires various documents. For example, shipping internationally will require a Bill of Lading. Generally shipping companies require registration documents and a contract signed between both partners, but with Ship a Car, Inc. you don’t have to be concerned about displaying your license, title, or registration if you’re shipping within U.S. territory. However, don’t forget to contact your car insurance company to get your documents and understand the terms and conditions when moving to a different state.

Right Shipping Type 

When choosing a shipping company, you have to select from various options provided by them. Whether you want the door to door service or pickup and drop at a common point. The price varies in certain companies based on drop location. You can also choose from the carrier type.

There are two types of carriers – open and enclosed. An open carrier is indeed cheaper than the enclosed one. However depending on the car type, often people are bound to make choices between the two. For example, luxury and vintage cars are sent via enclosed carriers to protect them from dirt and debris on the road. This may be expensive, but it is worth the price.

Choose a Reliable Company Like Ship A Car, Inc.

With Ship A Car, Inc. you get a door to door pick and drop service. With their advanced carrier network service, you can get your car shipped anywhere in the USA.

Choosing a reliable transportation company is extremely important because you’re delivering the most expensive belongings of your house into their hands. Do your homework thoroughly and choose after inquiring about them through references and reviews online.