What are the different tips for getting Baggage out of the first and not getting lost?

Nothing beats the nervousness of landing in a foreign country for the first time. 

New smells, sounds and even humidity add to that feeling of happiness that comes over you.

It’s time to get to know a new place, food, and customs.

The only problem is that if you have checked your suitcase, you will have to wait for it to leave on the conveyor belt.

And the time comes to collect the luggage, and it takes longer than it should.

Cold sweat begins to break out on your forehead, and in a panic, you think that it can’t be: the first day of your vacation and your Baggagehave been lost.

If this story sounds familiar to you, there is a trick you can do the next time you go on a trip.

► Take a look at the measurements of the Baggage of all the airlines

► Make sure you are using the best large suitcase

► This is the best carry-on.

► The best travel adapters

According to Travel & Leisure, you must ask for one of those “fragile” stickers at check-in.

Asking for this sticker at check-in time can mean that you will be the first to collect your luggage.

By placing this label on your Baggage, the most common thing is that you get on the plane later than the rest, which means that you will leave before. 

And it is also more of a problem that the baggage handlers take more care of.

Of course, it is not an infallible method since the sticker could be lost, but it is worth trying on your next trip.

Another disadvantage is that, from time to time, these stickers are not seen by the personnel in charge of handling the bags.

Put a ‘fragile’ sticker on your Baggage.

We all fear that our suitcases will be lost in transit and left behind at the beginning of our vacation.

Put a ‘fragile’ sticker on your suitcase, which will help keep it from getting lost.

Another option is to wait to be the last person to check.

Bags are always loaded front to back onto baggage carts, so if you check in last, your bags will be on the last baggage cart, making them the last to board the plane and the first to leave it.

You should also remember that loading and unloading systems can vary by airline, aircraft, or bag handlers. Sometimes, those who check in last may not have their bag from them first.

And finally, two surefire ways to ensure your bags arrive before everyone else is to book a business class flight or join an airline’s frequent flyer club to receive a priority tag on your bag.

Are you going to buy a cabin suitcase? 4 tips you should keep in mind.

Buying a cabin suitcase is a great option if you plan to take a trip that does not last many days.

Carrying a carry-on bag can save time and worry during your trip.

You will not have to check in your travel bag.

You will not have to wait to pick up your luggage.

You will minimize the possibility of someone stealing your suitcase or that they can open it with a simple pen. 

You will always have everything you need by your side because you will not be separated from your cabin suitcase.

Despite everything, remember the maximum measurements of the hand luggage of the different airlines’ hand luggage.

According to several studies, more than half of travellers use a carry-on bag or cabin trolley on most trips.

Interesting Around 80% of those who have a cabin bag say they bought their luggage separately and not as part of a set of suitcases.

It is true that, in addition to hand luggage, there are medium suitcases and large suitcases, but the suitcases that do not have to be checked account for the majority of luggage purchases.

Of course, all carry-on benefits will be lost if the bag is too big and the airline doesn’t allow you to take it with you.

It could also be a problem if they let you on the plane, but you’ve filled it up so much that it won’t fit in the aircraft’s overhead compartment.

My advice: make your trip easy. Buy a suitcase that you can comfortably take on the plane with you.

► Take a look at the measurements of the suitcases of all the airlines

► Make sure you are using the best large suitcase

► This is the best carry-on.

► The best travel adapters