What to Expect In a First Physical Therapy Appointment

You might be worried about going to physical therapy for the first time. Some patients are skeptical about the process, because they don’t know what to expect in treatment. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we take our time with each patient. You will discuss any relevant medical history, and go through an examination to determine what is going on to cause your symptoms. You will get the care and attention you need, so a treatment plan can be developed on your behalf.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

It’s always helpful to be prepared for your first appointment with a physical therapist. If you have had any imaging done, this should be brought with you to the appointment if possible. If you have had previous treatment for your condition, this is important for your physical therapist to know. You might be asked questions about the severity of your symptoms, when they started, and what your goals are for treatment. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work closely with you in order to help you heal naturally.

Wear Comfortable Clothing to Your Appointment

It is likely that you will begin some form of treatment after your initial consultation is over. You should wear comfortable clothing that makes it easy to observe your injured area. Layers are helpful, as you can take off a sweatshirt if needed. You want to be comfortable, as you may be doing some exercises during treatment. Many patients wear shorts underneath running pants, giving you versatility if you get hot during therapy.

Pay Attention to Exercises

You will be taught new exercises throughout your time working with a physical therapist. In the beginning, exercises will be minimal. The goal of a home exercise program is to build up your strength and flexibility slowly over time. Exercises need to be done consistently in order for you to see progress. If an exercise hurts, take the time to learn how to do it correctly. No exercises should cause you pain. If an exercise hurts, stop the exercise and let your physical therapist know.

Scheduling Your Appointments

It is important to stick to your Appointments for physical therapy, as each session builds upon the previous one. Schedule your appointments at times that are convenient for you whenever possible. If you are tired at the end of the day and schedule all of your appointments after work, you will be tempted to cancel frequently. If you are a morning person and schedule in the early morning, you are more likely to stick to your therapy.

Physical therapy can benefit a wide range of conditions. Take the time to learn more about how physical therapy can improve your overall health. Remember that your participation is essential to your success in physical therapy, and consistency is key. Get the support you need to manage painful conditions and heal after an injury when you work with a physical therapist. You can heal your body naturally, but you have to take the time and effort to do so.